It kills to be bored, and your parents tell you ‘It’s good to be bored’, huh?????? I can never understand, as I’m a child of Gen Z and not a resurrected-lunatic from 1818, I get bored easily, people back in 1818 or even before were presumably never bored. I guess, I wasn’t born back then or I wouldn’t be 10 now, almost 11, almost! Well, sista or bro-ham, get ready to be bored only when you want to! Sometimes, it’s good to be bored, to think about yourself or others and to know that the only way you are bored is because you have completed everything, so pat yourself on the back ( I would, but……)! Let’s get cracking with this list!

1. Read – It might sound B-O-R-I-N-G, but trust me, a good book is time fulfilled!

2. Paint – You don’t need to be professional, if you don’t have paint, get extracts from things around the house!

3. Bake or Cook – A house always smells nice when pastries are out!

4. Write A Script – You never know when you might need one, or you can showcase it to your fam on a nice night!

5. Read A Mag – Catch up on the latest – or old, flip through some old mags that you’ve buried under your other old mags! Read the news, football, rugby, golf, tennis, know all the scoop!

6. Get Some Balloons/Balls- Get out some old or new balloons or balls and invent games with ’em!

7. Scrapbook – Get old pics, or take new with an Instax, press here! Guaranteed safe!, add tape or quotes from your fave footballers or people/tv shows that you are a STAN of!

8. Netflix-DUH! – So, ‘Flix stans, you’ve got an easy one, Netflix, catch up on the latest with our list :10 Best T.V. Shows To Kick Off 2020 With The Fam, read it now, it guarantees bother-free bingeing (except if your fam is pushing for you to be bothered, we’re with you!)

9. Do Some Online-Browsing – Try Amazon, or, the sassiest site around, tied with us! Try, for HD photos, free! for arts & crafts to do whenever, it even includes furniture making made simple !! We heart this one!!

10. Make A Photo Album –, to gift a loved one a personalized paragon of virtue!!!!

11. Re-furnish your room – Sharing a room? No prob, re-furnish your desk or organization! Move furniture around with the help of an adult, if your abilities are high (muscles!!) or your parents trust you to do it alone (they should!) then let it go! (No offense, Elsa!)

12. Meditate – Use Stop, Breathe & Think! Breathe in, breathe out addiction of this app…

13. Make a quiz – QuizMaker is THE best, if you have Office 365, Forms has an option to make quizzes and collect data! Or, be as lazy as you can and hop on to Quizziz, with quizzes for all ages!, for this, you need to have a code, share with friends or fam or class!

14. Join a subscription – Join an online group, you can join us and cancel anytime! Add your details and join anytime!

15. Write A Story – Improve your vocab, okay, we’ve all heard it, you can understand! Use Word or Canva for great resources.

16. Learn A New Language – We heard Duolingo is great, we tried Spanish but we’re such #Procrastinators !

17. Make A Movie – Take your IPad, Tablet or Phone (cameras are even better!), ask your fam or your friends to help, make it professional with Magisto, Splice or even make a Stopmotion! Post it on Youtube or any social media platform, maybe even show it to your class (after quarantine)!

18. Plan A Charity Event – Cupcakes or lemonade? Whatever! Choose a charity and make it prosper! We tried and made 394 AED! Selling cupcakes & cookies, we gave the moolah to stray dogs and cats! #Cats&Dogs

19. Plan A Surprise Party (at home…of course) – Bday coming up? Do one for your teacher, your friend, aunt, uncle, cousin, dog, bro, sis, ma, pa, gran, grandpa or some random person! Just enjoy yourself! (and don’t cross the budget, says Pops!)

20. Listen To Music & Stay Bored- Listen to the latest album of the TROLLS world tour, it’s a must! Just lay down, listen to music, then do something else!

Ok, not bored? Great, we don’t pick pickies! Good Luck during the Quaran’time’!!
Boredom, music, cupcakes and quizzes,

The BuzzTeam xx


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  1. Oh my pug ! With this list of new things to do while quarantine (mostly Netflix, it’s always the answer with ice cream), I surely won’t be bored ! Thx, Izzy ! I absolutely LOVE your articles ! You’re the best darn author for articles ! Keep ‘em coming !
    Moni G

    1. Aww, thx Moni! Your books are also my go-tos! I need more!!!!! You are the most AMAZE author I have ever come across too!
      Izzy xx

      1. Thx ! I love the fact that people ENJOY my books. It makes me happy knowing that YOU girls and guys are happy too !

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