Mindfulness and wellbeing is dreadfully important, so is health, if you are not healthy you enable the inability to do things, to have fun, play sports, enjoy your time etc. Staying calm, collected and mindful leads to joyous lifestyles.
People who are stressed tend to have headaches and ignore their health. Your health is a priority, which comes before school, work and play. If you are poorly, you can’t learn, work or play. Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can give yourself, raising your standards and increasing your self-esteem are amongst the many factors to a mindful life.
Stop, Breathe and Think allows multiple services to make you mindful, such as body scans, nighttime stories and breathing. It even has soundscapes! Daily doses of these are perfect, you’ll learn to stop, breathe and then think!
Take toothpaste, empty it on a plate, can you get it back in? Of course not! Take words, empty them to someone, can you get it back in? Same here! Beware what you say, because once you say it, you can’t take it back.
If you are frustrated, angry or boiling hot, take a few deep breaths and count to ten. Getting angry won’t get you any further in life than a Rage Record. You have to cherish what you have, as you our fortunate, to live, to breathe, to have organs, to have at least a world to live in.
You have all this, even if you are in the most calamitous situation, you have organs, you breathe, you have a face, yet little are you grateful. It takes a large mind and a strong self-esteem to control your emotions. If you are mean (which you probably aren’t), you can change and nothing can stop you, you are kind but decrease your standards, take some time to do self-improvement, give yourself time to live, for you have to enjoy life, it is one of the most beautiful things. You made a mistake, no prob, you have learnt, all you need is a growth mindset and motivation.

Zen, kindness and xoxo,

The Buzz Team


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