We *get* those quarantine bugs, ugh, it’s like stopping us from living, but don’t worry, other Buzzers are all going through this annoying time! We’ve rounded up 20 Fam-Time Feel-Good Tv Shows to pass the quaran’time’, get the blankets, the Pottery Barn pillows, the hot chocs, the cookies, the popcorn, the teddies and the plushies, did I miss anything? Ooh, yeah, the tortilla chips and the guac! Netflix is about to stop working because of the amount of people using it! Ain’t got Netflix? Y’all ain’t need no worries, you can subscribe now for $12.99 per month! Let’s start or the binge never will!


1.The Inbestigators
Age Rating: ALL
Catch 4 11-year-olds solving crime in their Australian city, with 2 seasons (Season 3 coming 2021) and 2 cases in each episode, you'll be able to solve these lil' crimes ALONG with them! The Inbestigators has acquired 100% on Average Audience Score in Rotten Tomatoes along with several awards! Consisting of Ava, Ezra, Kyle & Maudie along with a considerable amount of victims and witnesses, this is certainly on our Must-See list!

2. Fuller House
Age Rating: 13+ (Only for some episodes, not scary, no blood or violence)
A sequel to Full House, this Must Family Sitcom is SURE to be enjoyed *says the person who watched all episodes 20 times*, with Season % Part 2 soon popping up (date unspecified), you'll laugh HIDEOUSLY hard! Following the now adulthood and motherhood of DJ Tanner, her sis, Stephanie, her live-in BFF, Kimmy Gibbler and DJ's 3 boys, Tommy Max & Jackson and Kimmy's daughter Ramona! Most main secondary characters pop up at Season 3 and later! This should take 5 weeks to finish the whole show in normal time, but 5 DAYS in quarantine time!

3.Alexa & Katie
Age Rating: 7+ (No blood or violence)
Battling cancer is hard, especially if you're 14, going through the years, Alexa fights cancer hard and her best friend Katie shaves her head for her. Admit it, we'd all wanna be BFFs with them too, going through High School and making us laugh, these girls are setting a record, this is for boys and girls, even if it is about girls there is no reason why boys couldn't watch!

4.Prince of Peoria
Age Rating: 13+
What happens when the Prince of 'Buronia' shows up at your doorstep? Do you befriend him, well, that's what the main character, Teddy, did! From a class with *Will Smith* to learning about *Moorats*, this show will make you LAUGH SO HARD!! The funniest part is the episode 'Acting A Fool" wiith Emil's shopkeeper scene *laughs*! We won't say more, just watch this. Period.

5.Family Reunion
Age Rating: 7+
A black family moves from vivacious Seattle to homey Georgia, where their old-school grandparents reside, it has its perks, and adventures is at the heart of it! Part 2 was out some time ago, so if you're new, start with Part 1 to understand!

6. The Unlisted
Age Rating: 7+
Tweens in an Australian school are targeted for a devilish plot to control children, this tv show can get a bit creepy and shows some open wounds and blood so we would recommend parental guidance, dependent on the fragility of the child! Dru & Kal are the main characters but the switched the only thing people can tell them apart from, and one has the implant, but twice its power, adding up, they have found escapees who are also targeted...

7.No Good Nick
Age Rating: 13+ (Some injuries, prison cells, robberies and creepy suspense)
Nick has enough. She's going to do anything if it means getting her dad out of prison, including stealing from an innocent, loving family. Sit right back, because this action-packed must-binge is ~really~ about to give you *some* thrills! (Personally, we recommend 9+, but it's on the fragility of the child).

8. Malibu Rescue: The Series
Age Rating: 7+
Team Flounder is up for the summer, join Dylan, Gina, Tyler, Lizzie & Eric on the luscious beaches of Malibu! Up against some serious competition, the team learn the perks of being smaller and most certainly, the perks of being on a rescue team! Check out Malibu Rescue (the movie) to understand the show!

9. Raising Dion
Age Rating: 13+ (Fragility Dependence)
A lil' boy uncovers magical powers in his everyday life! His widowed mother must veil his powers, fast. Dion is amazed by his powers, including lifting fish out of the ocean and cereal out of its bowl!

10.Greenhouse Academy
Age Rating: 7+ (Recommended: 10+, due to violence, blood and sudden, startling movement, the occasional swear word)
This is a THRILLING TV show, join Hayley & Alex at the Brainwash Factory! Alex & Hayley are the children of astronaut, Ryan Woods, who disappears during an orbital mission, Alex has a lifelong dream to make his mum proud by getting into the Greenhouse, where his mum has been, Alex & Hayley both find themselves in it, and need to act quick when they uncover a new nefarious plot!

11. The World's Most Extraordinary Homes
Age Rating: 7+
Welcome Caroline & Piers as they travel the world entering the world's most extraordinary homes, meeting the architects and owners and picking up new things along the way, the episodes are 1hour so start bingeing at 1pm!!!

12.Interior Design Masters
Age Rating: 13+ (Some swear words)
Join a group of talented interior design masters who battle it out using their restrained skills. Suspense? Check! Drama? Double Check? Laughs? Triple Check? Must Binge? Heck yeah!!

13. Richie Rich
Age Rating: 7+
Billionaire kid, Richie combined all the vegetables he didn't like and made his fortune! Along with his two ~feisty~ sidekicks, Harvard-bound sis, Harper and his lazy, Couch-bound dad! Did I mention Richie's 2 accountants? One steals money, the other doesn't even let Richie use it, team work makes the dream work!

14. Team Kaylie
Age Rating: 13 + (No blood or violence)
Given a year of court-ordered service to their town, billionaire Kaylie is assigned as leader of Pico Middle School's Wilderness Club, the Pico Porcupines, along with stumbles along the way and backstabbers this show is sure to have you gripped for the quarantine!

15. Carmen Sandiego
Age Rating: 7+
Join the best *thief* on V.I.L.E island, probably the world! But Carmen uses her thieving skills for good, and steals things to get them to the right owner! Along with her trusty sidekicks, Ivy & Zack, she's the one who not only does good, but IS good! There's also an interactive Carmen episode, where YOU choose what Carmen does!!

16. Nailed It!
Age Rating: 7+
Join the sassiest host ever ~Nicole~ in this must 30min TV show, following hideously amateur bakers, baking it out with ridiculously challenging challenges! This show won't make you hungry for cake as the outcomes might make you more against it than for it!

17. Sam & Cat
Age Rating: 7+
Accidental best friends, Sam & cat explore the ins and outs of babysitting, with endings that ~let's say~ are NOT so perf! Including the exclusive cast of 'Victorious' *located under*, and the occasional from 'iCarly', this is a must-binge!!

18. Victorious
Age Rating: 7+
Tori Vega, a teen with many talents joins her sister in a talent school called Hollywood Arts while navigating dramatic teendom! Join all her friends in times that ~shall not be defined, for life or death reasons~.

19. A Little Help w/ Carol Burnett
Age Rating: 7+
Join Carol Burnett and few of our ~fave~ celebrities, as they cough out the problems in their starry lives with the help of 5 hilare kids, the funniest part, the kids' advice!!!! *hahahahahahahahahahahahaha*! Just add this to *cart*!

20. The Healing Powers of Dude
Age Rating: 7+
Salute Noah, a middle-schooler with Social Anxiety Disorder as he navigates his way through worries, anxiety and worries, too! Along with him are his friend, Simon *Turbo* and Amara, who's in a wheelchair :( :( This takes 2 days to finish, so if you are adding to the ~bingeing cart~, add it PRONTO!!!

Ok, now your good, let's sum it up, NETFLIX, you'll need Netflix to watch these goodies, sorry! Though, with Netflix, you've got advantages, anytime-watch, anytime-take, download vid-vids and watch them online, choose your favourite tv shows and sort them into MY LIST, rate tv shows, thumbs up or thumbs down! We hope this quaran~too annoyed to finish the word~ will finish soon!
Netflix subscriptions and broken remotes,
The BuzzTeam xx

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  2. HGF! is good to add in there too. It’s 7+. I’m 9, so I can watch a LOT of these Netflix shows; I already watch almost all !
    No offense,
    Moni xoxo

    1. HGF = Harvey Girls Forever, amirite? Also, Netflix buddies, we recommend The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia! Part 2 is comin out…WOO HOO!
      The BuzzTeam

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