I was adopted by the Vegas’s, a charismatic, loving family. My family’s blended. We’re all from different nationalities. Well, technically, most of us are. Like take Mum for example. Mum’s French, she’s born in the most famous city in France, or the most romantic city in France, Paris! Dad’s from Australia. I’m English, I’m from London. Funny, though, my older sister is named London. My other sister is called Audrey, her being Australian, and 2nd youngest; she knows some French. Not to brag, but I’m the 2nd best in the house at French. My brother, Oliver, is the youngest, and he’s the only one in the family who doesn’t have ANY French origins. Abby, also known as Abigail, is 1 year older than me, and is my favorite- tied with Audrey – she understands me so well, I feel like she’s English too.

I’m so busy talking about my family, I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Kennedy, and well, my name may sound American, which it is a TINY bit. I’m 10 years old, and I don’t look like I’m ten…My old friend, Charlotte, LOVED my name and was SUPER jealous. After I got adopted, at age 4, we weren’t friends anymore, since we couldn’t keep in touch. I miss her. I wonder if she got adopted too. Where is she, anyway? I wish I could text her, since my parents bought me an iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is the latest phone. They always buy us new things, like when my iPad got hacked, they bought me a new one, or when Abby’s computer glitched non-stop, they got her a new one. See what I mean? They’re the type of parents who are always like, ‘Hey, this is worn-out! Come on, honey, we’re going to the store to get a new one!’ They’re always looking for new things to fix, but I actually like that. It’s what makes them special. That’s what I love about them.

As I woke up this morning, I felt surprisingly enthusiastic. My mind was full of good vibes…of course! Today’s the first day of my new school! I was really ENTHUSIASTIC! As I jumped out of bed, the thought that came into my mind was, ‘I’ll be the new girl, and some people tend to tease new kids…no! Grade 5 will be great! I WILL get through this day.’ I went downstairs and into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Mum and Dad ask us the night before what we want for breakfast, so they can get everything out so Audrey and Oliver (mostly Oliver), wouldn’t mess up somethings. Audrey was a step ahead of me. She was already dressed in her uniform, and was trying to reach for the special pan-affles Mum buys specially for Audrey. She’s really cute and short for 9 years old, but so am I. (For 10 years old, not 9.) “Hi, Aud!” I chirped. “Hmm? Oh, hiya Kenny!” That’s the nickname she uses for me. ‘Kenny’. I like it, it’s different, weird, funny. That’s how Audrey describes me. But I don’t mind. “What are you looking for?” I asked. Audrey stopped searching and looked at me, smiling. “The pancake-waffles Mum bought me!” she laughed, her eyes twinkling. “Oh. Do you need help? And they’re called pan-affles.” Audrey did a confused face, that turned into a ‘meh’ face. “Umm…no. They’re called pancake-waffles, look here!” She tried reaching the box, and just as I was about to help her, someone touched my shoulder, a warm hand, which meant it could only be…

ABBY!” I screamed, frightened. As I looked back, it wasn’t Abby, or Mum, or Dad, or London, or Oliver, or Audrey, which meant it wasn’t a family member. I looked back. Where was Audrey?! I was facing the killer/psychopath alone. I didn’t have a weapon, but he sure did! “Back off, Dad! This isn’t funny!” But it wasn’t Dad. It was Audrey on Abigail’s shoulders? “Not funny, guys! Not funny.” Audrey and Abby just laughed. “You totally fell for it, as soon as you turned around, I had already picked up Audrey, and quickly told her the plan, and then when you said it was Dad, we cracked up.” explained Abby. They were still laughing, though. It wasn’t funny. “Yeah! I was SO giggly when you said WE were a he. Like, Abby’s wearing leggings, how can’t you tell? I would’ve karate-kicked you! But Abby HAD to be a Boring Bella and tell me what to do, being a Strict Sara, then, a Laughing Lyla!” giggled Audrey, “Now, I’m a Giggling Gabrielle!” Audrey like to do the naming thing with the adjectives. I liked her habit of doing that.

“Guys, êtes-vous prêt?” questioned Mum. “Yessss!” said Audrey, running down the stairs with her mini-Cluedo. “Are you going to play avec your friends?” asked Mum. Audrey smiled, and took her backpack before saying, “Yeah. I’m like, the most popular kid in my class, but only Ivy, Angie, Jasmine, Camilla, Vicky, Catrina, Becky, Daisy, Vanessa, Roxy, Christina, Gabby and Kathy are my BFFs. I don’t like Rebecca, Veronica, Charlotte, and Ava, they think that everyone’s jealous they’re not them. We’re not, people! They think that ALL the boys secretly like them. They don’t, people! Sheesh kebab. They’re disrespectful, and, well, they bully poor, little yet friendly Daisy.” Mum was still listening. She’s a good listener, no matter how long your story is, she’ll listen the whole way through, and she’ll still remember EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. “Wow, honey, that’s really SOMETHING.” Audrey nodded, and Mum gave her a kiss on the head before she left. “Bye, Mum.” “Bye honey.” Then Oliver came. “Hi, Mum. Today, I’ll see my friends again! Yeah! Jerry, Thomas, and Fred are coming over…just for 2 hours.” Mum held her breath, and exhaled calmly. “Phew, Audrey’s amies are coming over for a sleepover tonight, mais at 6. Your friends are coming at?” Oliver gulped, and said, “They’re coming ’round at 4, Mum, so 2 hours is 6, so it’s OK.” Mum sighed a relieved sigh. “OK, great honey, see you at 3!” Oliver waved politely. London came next. “I’m going over to Hana’s house at 4 to7, it’s OK, right? We’re doing a project for English.” Mum didn’t look annoyed, instead, she looked happy. “OK, darling. See you at 7. If you can’t, make it home by 8.” London smiled a bit. “‘Kay Mum. Bye.” London kissed Mum on the cheek and left. Me and Abby were next. “Bye, Mum!” we said, in unison. “Bye sweethearts. Enjoy school! Oh, and for you, miss Kennedy, I baked you my specialty, and your favorite, carrot cake!” OMG. OMG! OMG. Did she just say carrot cake?! “And for you, miss Abigail, I made you YOUR favorite, red velvet, and also the same for London, since you both share your love for it. And for Audrey, VANILLA! Her favorite. And lastly, Oliver, chocolate. HIS favorite. Au revoir!” Mum smiled and waved at us. We waved back. “Sooooooo…..how’s Grade 6? Great, right?” I asked, as me and Abby left the house. Abby shrugged. I could tell she wasn’t in the mood. “How are you feeling about your first day of Grade 5? Enthusiastic but perturbed, yeah?” Was she READING MY BRAIN OR WHAT? “Yes! Oh my gosh! How did you guess?” Abby and I laughed. “Well, it’s kind of easy to guess, you’re biting your nails, then you’re whispering how enthusiastic you are for school.” Oops. I thought I was saying that in my head. Well, we are like 2 peas in a pod.

As we walked closer and closer to the school, I was more and more nervous. And as Abby dropped me off at my class, I was literally looking like my eyes were about to pop out of my face. It was a MASSIVE class. And there she was. Charlotte.


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  1. Hi ! This is my book ! I really hope you guys and girls will LOVE it ! There’s some suspense at the end, and I promise, promise, PROMISE I’ll make volume 2 ASAP ! Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy it!!! More books from Moni’s Reads are coming your way!!!

    1. Hi Moni, thx so much for your amazing comment! TBH, I’m super excited for the latest reads, keep ’em coming!
      Izzy xx

      1. Great! I just want to say, do you happen to know if you’ll have more than just Adopted-As A Vlogger? Like, no offense. Please get some drama books!

  2. Sure ! But just as I love ya, I love my books, so, what kind of books do y’all want ? Like, drama, but what kind ? School drama, girl drama ?

  3. Hello, I’m new here and this is the first post that I read, and can I just ask for a round of applause for Moni G? Wow! Just like an ACTUAL author! WELL DONE 👍🏼!!!

    1. Hi, YouGotThis! Welcome to Izzy’s Buzz, we hope you’ll have some good times here! :)))
      ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR @MONIG!!!! xxxxxx!

      MoniG IS an author! And an awesome one too ;)))! She writes specially crafted stories just for you guys!


      TheBuzz Team

      GO Moni G!!! GO Moni G!!! GO Moni G!!!

      To my BFF, Moni G 😉

  4. Heya! (Why do I comment so late?) Moni ! can I please add some pictures to this story? ?Can you also describe the characters a bit? This is so I can draw them! 😁😁😁😚 you guys & girls are magnificent! I hope you never let go of your spark!
    -Bee (the quirky anime-lover! Also known as Bobo !)

    1. Hey Bee :p
      No worries about commenting late, take your time
      Ah so I’ve checked with Moni and she would love for you to draw the characters! In fact, it’s actually a great idea. Personally, here we’ve never had people wanting to draw for us so the fact that you do makes us very happy :DDD

      Tell me if you need any more info or anything to help you draw! You can send them to Moni or email them to us via the contact page Thanks, you’re magnificent too Bee! Oh don’t worry, we’ll try not to :ppp

      By the way, since you previously mentioned your love for anime, we do have some upcoming anime articles if that’d interest you…we haven’t updated in a while due to school and stuff but we’ll try to do so more often.


    1. Hey Bee! Thanks for visiting Izzy’s Buzz! Aww I’m so glad you think so! I’ll definitely notify Moni! I agree, she really is!!

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