Admit it, we all wish we could snuggle up in bed, eat some of our fave eats, grab the latest Macbook and binge some YT or some Netflix, it’s the dream, smh… Though let’s get real, that E-Learning pile is starting to stack up, work is gettin’ harder and everyone is just stressed out!! Every Friday (or Thursday, depends which country you are currently stressing in), reward yourself. Pick a week where you’ll work extra hard and say ‘At the end of the week, I’m gonna reward myself. I’ll ask my parents for 2 to 3 hours night off, just for me. I’ll borrow what I need and look extremely forward to it. I’ll work my butt of, so that I have more chances of getting this. Yeah, seems like a plan to me!’. Though here, we’ll prep you up for what to watch, you’ll have to provide your own snacks, sorry! Since not the whole world has Netflix, we’re helping you with YOUtube!

  1. Mind Field – Age Rating: 7+ – Join Vsauce as he explores fun science through his quirky ways, including tech, chemistry and shocking reactions. This hilare YT series is a must to share with the world! There are swear words but they are bleeped out so you can’t tell! Enjoy!
  2.  We Are Savvy – Age Rating: 7+ – Not only does this fave include Annie LeBlanc but it’s super positive and sure to at least put a smile on your face. Even though it is only available on YT Premium, you get a one -month free trial to watch other amaze TV shows, you get to download episodes in case of an energy shutdown and you can cancel anytime! It’s also inexpensive, around $6 to $11, depending where you live! there are also no ads! back to the show, ‘We Are Savvy’, is a fam-friendly, girl-centered, must Canadian show. On your list, yet?
  3. Kings of Atlantis – Age Rating: 5+ – Following two young monarchs, Joe and Cody, in this fam-time feel-good animated series. Joe & Cody rule over Atlantis, but are overtaken and try to cancel a tedious monarch’s reign to get their old spots back. This is a thrilling one…
  4. Baman Piderman – Age Rating: All – hahahahahahahahahahahahah, this show is so funny, the titles (example: Find Da Sandwich or Pwactice da Counting) are sure to have you at least giggling. This show includes 45-second clips and boasts over 8+Million views, you can finish all 31 episodes in 30 mins, and you’ll have laughed the whole time! Or crazily *ROFL*-ing.  This parody of Batman, ‘Baman’, and Spiderman, ‘Piderman’ is brought to you by MondoMedia and is 100% free!
  5. Liza On Demand – Age Rating: 14/15+ – Join Liza Koshy as she struggles to become an ‘elite’ in the gig economy, taking on several weird tasks. Her roommates are all narcissistic, but Liza is kindhearted and warm. There is the rare swear word, but it’s bleeped so you’ve got ~nada~ to hiworry about (if that makes sense!).
  6. Sis Vs Bro – Age Rating: 7+ – Join a sis vs her bro in a series of amazing challenges, this family-friendly YT challenge is perf to binge, just try to not get too addicted. Along with house tours and hauls this LOL channel has over 12.7 Million subscribers!
  7. Sherwood – Age Rating: 7+ – In this tragic fresh ‘Robin Hood’ tale set in 2270, you’ll find a story created to show the aftermath of today’s climate crisis. There are no swear words but some cartoon violence that isn’t scary, would recommend for 9+, though!
  8. Abstract: Art of Design – Age Rating: 15+ – Netflix has just launched 10 of its shows/movies on YT, for free! This is one for older kids, but the design in it develops lots of productivity and creativity in the youngest minds. If parents want to let their kids watch it, we recommend they try it first. Architecture, drawings, paintings and sculptures, the very best of art lies within here!

We hope you’ll get a good E-Learning Week and a night-off! Best of Luck!

The BuzzTeam xx


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