We’ve all heard of Candy 🍭 Crush, Gardenscapes & Toca Boca, the lot! But we have rounded up some of 2020’s best download, from message sticker packs to the play everyday, you’ll always have what you need! Especially if you’re looking to increase your screen time (you probably shouldn’t do that!). Quarantine’s probs got you in the feels, now, time to get out of it! What are you waiting for, start crushing that storage!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Moonpig: Ok, ok, you might have heard of their legendary event cards, but did you hear about their adorbs new iMessages stickers, they take under 20KB and are sure to brighten every conversation, perhaps compatible with Android!

2. Brain Test: Spanning over 274 levels and mind crushing riddles, this app is the excuse over homework, ‘It helps develop my brain, Dad/Mom’, we are frequently on Level 160-something, we are rocking this app, *wink wink*.
3. Cash Inc.If you can’t make ka-ching in real life, why not make it perpetual in a game?? We have tried it and have become obsessed *no shame* and have Quadrillions, we know right???

4. Zepeto: All apps are irrelevant of gender, everyone can like whatever they want, it is surely their choice! Zepeto combines both design and social life together, creating a game that is perfect for children & adults alike! You can create your own character with their veryown home!

5. #SelfCare: Take a moment to think about yourself, what you like about yourself, how amazing you are, just really the positivity about yourself, learn to enjoy the little things in life, the ones that truly make you, you!

6. Tasty: Umm…did someone just say homemade cookies?? *call ended*

7. Unsplash: HD Quality Photos, period.

8. Qidz: Ok, Dubai dwellers, we know it’s quarantine and stuff, but get the latest news, anyhow! Download this app, that’s free and great + it’s just for *qidz*!!

9. Epic! Books: This is mostly for 12-, as the Lexile Levels go until there, you can try it, it is a ~great~ time killer during this *ugh* quaraaaaaaaantine…… There are audiobooks that you can listen to while doing ~that~ schoolwork (talk about privacy invasion — sooo many video calls! You do NOT have to see my background, teacher!) It takes 200MB so make sure you have *a bit* of space!

10. Zoom: Quarantine stopping you from seeing others? Ugh, the struggle is real, but worry no more! With the app, ‘Zoom’ catch up with over 10+ people and chat privately with whoever you want in the call!! If you have a Microsoft account, use Teams to make some video calls!

11. The Simpsons: Tapped Out: The Simpsons bring us an app, like they brought us a TV show! Your town has been *tapped out* (what kind of citizen do you call yourself?!?!) and its up to you and Homer to bring it back, get back all the family members you can, all the other dwellers you can, along with their homes, shops etc. You pick your city, you design it, you choose. It’s YOUR game. Persuaded yet? 😉

12. PicsArt: Transform your photos, with this trending app, add pouty lips (*rofl*), we tried, too funny, add looooooooooooong eyelashes and hairy, ~shaggy~, fake eyebrows, add poofy afros, baby noses, devil ears and weird stickers, make your picture a masterpiece!

13. Design Home: Ever wanted to design… a house? A bedroom? A bathroom? A living room? A cafe? A dining room? A candy palace? Santa’s workshop? You name it, they probs have it, buy furniture from real brands (with fake cash) such as Pottery Barn, Arhaus and West Elm and design whichever way you want!

14. Idle Supermarket Tycoon: Build your lettuce-filled empire with this game!!! Putting out that unwanted lettuce away, get ready for a screen time longer than the one you already have, so like 29 hours, minimum? ~btw, our screen times are unbelievable, 4 hours, unbelievably low! Keep it low, people!~ Build your own supermarket, upgrade it, win billions, get richer than Bezos, get your supermarket empire built, join us on this quest in ‘Idle Supermarket Tycoon’, see ya there! 😉

15. Paper: You’d think we’re recommending plain paper, hey, we’re not ~that~ boring! This app gives you device notebooks, in case you’ve run out, analogous to Typo’s notebooks, although less ‘papery’, you get to draw, write, paint, design, create, plan, imagine and more in this free, productive app! There are 30 day challenges to reduce anger, stress, anxiety etc. etc. that you can write/draw/paint in everyday! Totally on the list, *downloads*

These app are our personal faves, which are yours, tell us in the comments! We hope you enjoyed this, share it to everyone you know for a chance to get our articles everyday! If you have enjoyed this article, comment this: More articles, please!

Downloads, press and fun,

The Buzz Team xx


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