There’s probably that ~annoying~ kid in your class who uses words that no one understands, but in a way, people are in awe of that person, and they might be kinda jealous of their ‘dictionary-like-ness’, well get ready to *impress*, with 20 words to wow others, whether in online classes or in texts, people bout to see that smart that shines within you! *cue blushing face emoji*.

  1. Aggravating, whether you’re describing someone or the way you feel, this one is easy to use, but not known commonly within Grade Schoolers! Meaning: Annoying, when someone or something is getting on your nerves. Example: My big sister is super aggravating!!!!
  2. Fathom, okay, okay, this one is a lil’ tricky to understand *lol*, ‘cuz the word means ‘understand’ and is hard to ‘understand’, *snorts*, *silence*. Meaning: Understand, comprehend. Example: I could fathom her actions, it’s a weird one, but will pop your teacher’s eyeballs, *hopefully not in real life*, but if it does happen, call me, okay?
  3. Erroneous, you’ll probably overuse this once you learn it, so cue the overusing and let us explain! Meaning: wrong, incorrect. Example: Almost all the student’s answers were erroneous, yeesh, I sure hope that never happens to you!
  4. Oblivious, our most used rn isn’t that shocking to teachers but they will sure nod in high approval, talk about extra credit 😉 Though, that extra credit isn’t going to come by itself, learn DA WOOORD!!!! Meaning: unaware, unmindful, it is usually followed by ‘of’ or ‘to’, here’s an example. Example: They were oblivious to the ramifications of their actions, they were UNAWARE of the ramifications of their actions, basically 😉
  5. Ramifications, basically, it just means consequences!
  6. Soi-disant, roll out the fancy French, your teacher will probs assume you are French or have some French relations! Meaning: So-called, usually used sarcastically 😉 Example: My soi-disant friend always gifts me presents. Lucky!!!
  7. Garth, this is a super old-fashioned word that you might as well not come across nowadays, most are oblivious to its existence 😉 It basically just means a yard or garden! Meaning: yard or garden! Example: They owned a townhouse with an expertly crafted garth! This is such an old word that it says it is incorrect XD
  8. Peregrinate, ever heard of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children? It’s a book, a movie too, btw! Well, there are some soi-disant relations to peregrination, hence Miss Peregrine’s name 🙂 Meaning: to travel by foot 🙁 Example: Nowadays, to peregrinate far away is considered a sign rare courage!
  9. Domicile, it might make you sound like you have a future in the courts (legal, ofc ;)). Meaning: permanent home, residence, abode etc. Example: Their domicile was farther down the road. Now, you can wow people in invitations by writing ‘Where? My domicile (find it yourself)’, though don’t forget that that means you should host it at your house ;)!
  10. Inflorescence, flowers bloom, blooming flowers, sorry, just testing something out 😉 Meaning: A flowering or blossoming [of something]. Example: Spring always brings a gorgeous inflorescence along with it! Geddit?
  11. Succedaneum, ever had a substitute teacher?*yes*, well, the substitute teacher is a succedaneum for your normal teacher(s). Simple :).
  12. Kitsch, you’ve probably heard that in design shows, or is that just us? Nvm, you know when something is tacky and of…let’s just say, *unique* design, with flambuoyant colours, that make a ~statement~, well, this word describes it! No more long, over-elaborate, too-well-elucidated speeches to explain your point of view *cue nervous laugh*, just a weird word! Example: ‘The couch draped with colourful draperies was sups kitsch, like, omg, like, yeah, so sups kitsch, uh-huh,’ exclaimed the sassy Val in a private interview, in where she was ‘sups’ sassy 😉
  13. Chockablock, *laughs*, this sure is a funny word, and sounds fancy if you mumble it and say it quick, try it ;)! Meaning: full, crowded, jammed. Example: The desert was chockablock with foreigners!
  14. Panacea, it sounds like an organ…oops, my b*, I mixed it up with *pancreas*! *My B = My Bad (is this just me or…) Meaning: A solution for all conflicts 😉 Example: They had a great idea, it could be their big break, but alas, they thought of it as a panacea, which it was far from.
  15. Pulchritudinous, this is a SUPER rare word, that you’ll find once a year, it’s complicated and makes you sound smart, yet it is super easy to comprehend!!! It can either be used as a compliment or humorously, either way this is the best on the list!!! It takes long to say though, even though it has around 5 syllables ;), I said ‘around’ btw, not so sure… Meaning: beautiful, attractive, beauteous, angelic. Example: Everyone in the whole wide, entire world is pulchritudinous, no matter what society thinks or what others say, you are all pulchritudinous and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, you are the best you there is, flaunt it, rock it!

Ok, Buzzers, now go off to your Ivy League and show off your vocab, go YOU!!!

Smiles, dictionaries and words,

The Buzz Team xx


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