It was a cold, slushy morning, full of yucky, slushy snow. We were served delicious, hot pudding, though. The oat kind that warms you up on cold days. It’s almost spring. 1 week to go! Vancouver is in Canada, and it’s where I live. My name is Suzi, by the way. I’m only 9. I live in an orphanage. I don’t have any friends; I used to be friends with Mary Anne and Mary Lou, the twins, Dawn and Florence, but both Marys started hanging out with the snobs: Karla, Clara, Amber, Kara, Maddison and Heather; Dawn and Florence got adopted!

I was getting fed up of staying inside. I wanted to leave the orphanage and get adopted! With a family of 3 or 4, and then I’d eat pancakes and waffles and ice cream and drink soda. Hmm… I must think of a plan… got it! At night, when no one’s awake, I’ll sneak out! Hooray! Tonight, here I come!

Tonight, which is right now, I sneak out! I made sure no one was awake, or following me… coast is clear! I dashed out, dropping a HUGE vase. “What was that?” Oops. My clumsiness got the better of me… again. “Is it a robber?” asked Clara. “No, it’s a thief!”said Karla. “Ugh, you’re both wrong! It’s Suzi!” cried Heather, blowing my cover and pointing at me. “Suzi? Oh, THAT girl. Hmm… she’s turned 8 years old, right?” asked Kara, ‘sarcastically’. “No, she’s turned 2! Haha!” laughed Clara. “Umm… not to interrupt your great trash talk, but she’s… GONE?” said Maddison. “Are you ask–” started Karla. “TELLING you,” said Maddison, pointing her thumb at the open door. “YES! Finally! That little PEST is gone. I was getting SICK of her.” said Kara. “Hmm… who’s going to annoy her now, though?” asked Heather. “Rachel.” said Amber.

I ran as fast as I could, but I tripped, and almost fell on my face. I ran as swiftly as my legs could take me. Not very swift. I was still gone, though. And that’s what mattered. “Suzi! Suzi! What are you doing?” Ms May panted. “No! Leave me alone! I’m going to… ahhhhh!!!!!!” I fell into a super slidy cave. It slides too much! Or: too many slides! “Suziiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I heard Ms May scream. “Woo-hoo!” I heard another voice yell. “Who’s there? Oh, silly me. It’s just my imagination.” I said loudly. “But I could’ve sworn I heard someone…” As I continued my path, something was happening at the entrance of the cave…

OK. I didn’t understand what Suzi was doing in a cave, or why I bothered to follow her. My name is Rachel. I’m almost 10, in May 16th, I’m turning 10. But right now, we’re March. Anyway, a little goblin stopped me at the entrance of the cave. “STOP !” it said. “You’re not *cough* welcomed here !” I pondered for a trick … aha ! “Hi, I’m a girl from planet Mars who’s here to kill any species who dares to try and stop me, my sister’s in there, you won’t let me in so I’ll go ahead and kill you.” I said, very, very, VERY, quickly. “Umm … here ! My name is Benny. What’s yours ?” he asked. I think–no, I KNOW I scared him off. “Activate friendly mode.” I said, in a robotic voice. “My name’s Rachel.” I said, in my normal voice. “Oh. Here, let’s find your sister.” WOW. He actually bought that ! Benny opened what happened to be a CAVE DOOR ?! Seriously ? As we passed, we slid down the slide of the cave. Weird. It was dark inside, but Benny somehow had a light. I trudged behind him with my baggages. I brought them just in case I travelled, or got adopted. I brought Suzi’s too, so that if she got adopted, she could go directly to her home. Benny led me all the way to Suzi. “Rachel ?” she said, looking surprised. “Yeah, I know, shocking. But I want to leave too. I found Benny at the entrance of the cave, here, Benny, meet Suzi, Suzi meet Benny,” I said, calmly. “Hi ! My name is Suzi ! Nice to meet you, Benny !” Suzi said, a little too excited. “Blah, blah, blah. ‘Hi ! My name is Suzi ! Nice to meet you, Benny !’ Whatever. Just get us out of here.” Benny said, irritated. “Umm… me ? I don’t know the way out !” Suzi cried, impatiently. “Then how’d you get in here ?” Benny yelled back, perturbed. “I ran away, and so did Rachel.” Suzi explained. “We were both fed up of staying in this orphanage, so we–” she wasn’t able to finish her sentence because… “Haha ! So long, suckers !” Benny chuckled, menacingly. “I’m out of here !” He ran away, and me and Suzi tried to catch up, but he was too swift. “Dang it ! We missed him !” I said. “Now how will we get out of here ?” We pondered for a while.

“Ever had a problem like this ?” Suzi asked. I sighed, and after a while, I said, “Yes. When my sister Eve got lost in the woods. I couldn’t find her until DAWN.” I could see Suzi was staggered. “What ? So you know how to deal with this, right ? Please tell me you know !” Of course I knew. I found my sister, but I never said we got out. That’s how I was put in an orphanage. But I never found out what happened to Eve. “Rachel ? Rachel ?” Suzi was snapping her fingers in front of my face. “Huh ? Oh, excuse me. Umm… yeah. I guess we can get out of here…” I said, worriedly. “OK ! Lead the way, captain !” I lead the way, but every passage looked the same ! We were both so confused. We went here and there, but we got nowhere. “We shouldn’t give up ! We’ll find our way !” Suzi panted, encouragingly. “Yeah, I *pant* guess,” I panted, tired and exhausted. We ran, as fast as Flash, OK, to be honest, not that swiftly.

“Here! Light!” we said in unison. We ‘ran’ to the light. “Wait, Rachel… this isn’t Canada…???” But she was gone. “Rachel? RACHEL?!?!” I shouted, scared. “Oh my pug! Oh. My. PUG! Suzi! Can you believe it? It’s Los Angeles!!!! LOS ANGELES!!!!!” Rachel yelled in my face, and running around. I stopped for a moment. “Los Angeles?” I questioned, softly. Rachel blinked at me like I was the dumbest person ever. “Duh! LOS ANGELES!!!!! We can… we can get adopted!” She was hallucinating. “Umm… I’m not sure–” I started, but someone interrupted, “Oh! Jack! Look! Two little girls! How about we adopt ’em?” asked a lady. “I don’t know… what if they already have–” started the man. Rachel interrupted, “No! No, we’re orphans! See? I don’t have proper clothes, and neither does Suzi!” They looked at each other. “Well, come with us! I’ll take your luggages.” said the lady. Rachel her belongings, and mine! Great!

“This is our home!” says Mom, who was called Nadiya, and dad was called Jack. “Aww! You’re so cute! What’s your name?” asks Mom. “I’m Suzi, and that’s Rachel!” I reply. Rachel waves. We live together, and never worried about anything. We are a family now. A real, charismatic, loving family. What a peculiar adventure!

I hope you have enjoyed my story :P!! See you next time, Buzzahs!


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