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Your 2020 Dubai-Habitant-Tourist Bucket List

Hola! Guten tag! Marhaba! Bonjour! Dia is muire dhuit! Namasté! Buongiorno! Kónnichi wa! Annyeonghaseyo! The world is just full of nationalities, and lucky for you, things to do, you can start pencilling these ideas for future holidays, you’ll be advantaged! 1. Al Seef- 2. BEST DEAL!!!! Dubai Creek- Dhs1. Dubai Creek. 3. Dubai Frame- …

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Our Top 10 Fave QuaranTunes 🎵🎵🎵

Hiya! We’ve been brewing up some random content lately and we hope you’ll enjoy it! Here are our favourite songs atm! Also, we were thinking about doing an article on Abbreviations, like ‘atm’ and ‘afaik’ and those kinda things! Tell us what you think in the comments! So, get your YT, your Spotify or your …

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Best YouTube Channels @ The Moment

Last time, we did YouTube series now we’re doing channels, completely different! We’ve rounded up our best so far and before we start, you must be 10+ to watch these! We’ve checked for some check-ups and all that *adult* stuff! Did you realize how every one of our articles are lists? Or sometimes stories! …