We da pranksta queens! Well, yeah, we’ve never pulled a prank before but….umm, we still DA QUEENS! πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘ whether y’all like it or not! *just creepily trying out slang!* Here are 10 pranks that are not so mean, but you’re in for minimum a laugh or just to annoy an annoying person! We make no sense, we know! Let’s start!

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  1. Da Tape On Da Feeeeeet! This one’s easy! Wait until your parents are asleep (depends when they sleep, you need to get YOUR sleep!) and bring some freshly-cut pieces of tape with you! Then put it next to their beds, when they wake up, (make sure you wake up a bit earlier than them, you know, to see the action!) they’ll step on the tape, and they’ll have tomato faces, be sure to post it – we wanna see, duh!
  2. There’s Water Coming Out Of The Bathroom! Let’s hope you don’t take the title too literally! But if it does happen, we’re here for it ;)! Take around…umm…14 water bottles! Then place them from the toilet to the bathroom door, call your parents, saying, ‘OOOHHH nooooo! There’s water coming out of the bathroom!’, or however you speak ;). Then they’ll see that there literally is, you didn’t specify what KIND of water and water bottles still have water in them! *wins Nobel Prize*
  3. Toilet Paper Is Precious, Kids… This one is the easiest so far! Just got to a bathroom in your house and put tape on the place where you pull the toilet paper *no need to be so precise!*, next time someone tries to take some toilet paper, their hand will just slip, ha! Goof.
  4. Why You So Paranoid, They Just Donuts, Brah Make a treat! Like….ummm…brownies! If you’re not allowed to bake, plan this with an adult! Get them to buy a box/bag/whatever of something the whole family likes (and that you LOVE), then put a sticky note saying ‘Happy April 1st!’, they’ll all be scared and paranoid of what’s to come…all the more for you, at least!
  5. Haha! Take a large piece of paper and write ‘Haha’ in big writing on it, then stick it on the ceiling (or a wall) and take a picture of it, then call over a friend or family member and tell them, ‘Was it you who put that on the ceiling, and why does it say ‘Haha’?’, they’ll be like, ‘Huh? Where?’, then pretend to take a picture of it where they can’t see your device (show them the picture you took before you called them to come see) and then laugh at their reaction and walk away! haha! That’s how you prank! Told you we were queens! Now, we are going to try these out! Wish us luck!

Pranked parents and tomato faces,The BuzzTeam

have an amazing day person!

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    1. Hello! I’m glad we have :)) Thank you so much for visiting Izzy’s Buzz and we hope you enjoy your time here πŸ˜€

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