Last time, we did YouTube series now we’re doing channels, completely different! We’ve rounded up our best so far and before we start, you must be 10+ to watch these! We’ve checked for some check-ups and all that *adult* stuff! Did you realize how every one of our articles are lists? Or sometimes stories! Tell us what you’d like to see, like a script or a play or vlogs! You choose! Btw, if you press on the name of the channel, it’ll take you to the YT channel!

  1. The Norris Nuts

Catch Sabre, Sockie, Biggy and Naz doing cray cray 😜 challenges! Each competition has a mini competition beforehand to see who gets the highest budget to win the actual competition! It’s a bit complicated but if you watch the videos, you’ll understand it like **that**!

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2. Txunamy

You might know her from (when it existed 😭) or Instagram, she’s rounded over 2.4+ million subscribers, having videos from family rating her old Instagram outfits, or just your ordinary waterpark in backyard vid (😉), this is her personal account, the next one is her family’s account!

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3. Familia Diamond

Join a fam of 6 as they debark into countless days of fun! Catch Esthella, Sdiezzel, Txunamy, Diezzel, Solage and Ranger! Watch their morning routines, their endless sprees and more! They have 6.11+ mill subscribers, and they gain 1,000+ everyday!

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4. Good Mythical Morning

Watch 2 crazy 😝 dudes do crazy challenges (including eating every Girl Scout Cookie 🍪 possible 😂🤣), plus, they post 3x a week! (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) This was approved (once again) by Common Sense Media, so, the stuff’s good 😉.

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5. Family Fizz

Constantly on the move ✈️✈️✈️, this fam of 6 have been around for almost 6 YEARS and have deservedly gained 2.34+ mill subscribers! They went from 🇬🇧 to 🇦🇪! (UK to Uae, Dubai!) then back to 🇬🇧 again! What a life! Join Darren, Georgie, Mia, Sienna, Karma and Koa on their sweet family adventures 🌸!

Emoji Rating:🥳

6. Ted-Ed

No, this is NOT boring! At all! Get ready for baffling riddles, answers to any possible questions, and a brain that overflows information! ✌️Also, your imagination ⛅️🌈☀️⚡️ will RUN WILD 😜😝✨😉🥳🤩🌈

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7. Crash Course 🏃‍♀️ Kids 👧👦

You are probably thinking, ‘yes, I know this, it’s teaching and stuff‘ or ‘Course? Does it include sport, I‘m outta here!’, but no, get ready for big exams with a 2 minute video! It helps study 📖 while enjoying adorable ❤️ cartoons!

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8. Alexa Rivera

This is one of the funniest channels so far! We’re no experts at YouTube, but this, you can’t contradict!

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That’s all, if you think we missed one, tell us in the comments!
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