We just ❤️ podcasts! Especially when you are bored! Just lay down, and turn on a podcast! We’ve got the best here + they are 100% free! You can find them online or on the Apple Podcasts app!

  1. But Why? A Podcast For Curious Kids If you’re curious and you’re a kid, this podcast is for you! Get all your questions answered with this curious podcast…*no suspense actually, we’re just weirdoes*
  2. Smash, Boom, Best Doesn’t the title say it all?
  3. KidZNuz This adorable podcast, best for when you wake up delivers all the recent news, but for kids, get rid of those scary BBC, CNN news, get the Kids News/Nuz!!!!
  4. The Past & The Curious HAHAHAHAHA, smh, we’re still laughing at this title, Past & Curious, Fast & Curious, geddit? *silence* Oh ok…*awkwaaaard* get the juice on all those ancient people with this, cuz the juice…just got squeezed *squealing at how proud we are of this joke*
  5. Book Club For Kids Whoo, that librarian be liking you a whooooole lot more!
  6. Eleanor Amplified And off to bed…, we saved the before-sleep one for last. Catch Eleanor drifting you to sleep with a funky podcast *cue fresh moooves* *breaks back*

Well, Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzers, got your podcast playlist ready to go? *no*, oh ok…Then get to it!!!! Download them alll….it’s like a big package of…um…voices??? Well, you get it!


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    1. Oh, Karen! You don’t have to flatter us that much *oh, you!* And my mind isn’t nearly half as awesome as YOURS! We ought to change our name to ‘Karen IS DA BEEEST’, since you changed yours! :)))


      TheBuzz Team

    1. Awwwwwwwwwwww, thanks Bobo! And I can tell *virtually* that your mind is overfilled with AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!


      TheBuzz Team

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