This is going to be one looooooong summer, it even makes me miss school *as if*, ~we actually like school, soooo, no shame *shrug emoji*~, we have made ourselves an intense studying program to start middle school but you will probably not want to do that! Rephrase: you will SURELY not want to do that! ANYHOW, we’ve rounded up 30 time-killing activities that you can fill your summer up with! Let’s get into it *cue that TikTok with the blonde lady who says “Yeaaaaah, get into it!”*

  1. MAKE A HOMEMADE SLURPEEEEEEE! I mean, what’s not to love about slurpees *apart from the brain freeze*! Anyhooooo, make your own slurpeeeeeeeees with this link! Slurpees make people happy – quote of the century!
  2. AT HOME Escape Room!! If you can’t go outside by yourself and do an escape room, then MAKE ONE!!!
  3. Download Trivia Royale, play quick trivia games of any kind with your friends, create your character and add your teammates! From Billie Eilish to Atoms, choose any game!
  4. Podcasts, podcasts, podcasts! Check out the BEST podcasts to listen to, ~to kill time ;)~ here!
  5. Youtube’s always an option *shrug*! Maybe try out the great, new *most importantly, FREE!*, YouTube series, or some channels! Here for YT series and here for channels! ~ these are recommendations!*
  6. Make your own board game! Isn’t the title enough! Wanna make an online game? We’ve got you covered! <3 Press on this text for da link!
  7. Um…make way for YouTube royalty! You can make your own YouTube channel! For free, doe :)!!! We’ll be releasing a ‘How To Make Your YouTube Channel SUPER Popular Quickly’, tutorial soon! So if you make one, make sure to check that too! *bows down*
  8. Ahem…mini Ariana Grandes anyone? Pave your music career, record yourself singing a song you wrote or one you love! It can be a vid or a recording! If you want, you can send it to us in Contact Us (here!) and we’ll include it in our upcoming article! For the world to see your talent, you could even get signed to a record label and become a Beyonce! *all the single ladies, all the single ladies, so put your hands up, woah oh oh, woah oh oh, oh oh oh, woah oh oh!* Just ask your guardian before sending it, in case they don’t approve of your to-be viral-ism! Calling all future singers/performers!
  9. Prank Someone! We da Pranksta Queens (and Kings!) and we’ve got 5 quick time pranks for a laugh (or 2, or 3, or 4, well, that way, we surely know you’ll laugh!) Here are the BEST pranks of the year (century works too πŸ˜‰
  10. Read a quick e-book, for FREE! WOAH. We have found 3, 2-5minute e-books that are AMAZING. PERIOD. Anyways, enough with the gushing here are the ebooks (free btw, let us know what you think!) 2 more ebooks coming tomorrow! This time, they are longer! ~a bit~;). Adopted As A Vlogger – Volume 1 | Myrrah’s Oils | Doing It Together!
  11. BIIIIIKING! Learn to bike or bike! Get your skills Olympic-ready especially that we can go out now! And if you don’t feel like bulging veins, then just freely browse through our website and enjoy short articles!
  12. 1 word. Amazon. Just flip through all your favorite things, adding even the most expensive to your cart! Amazon it here! *here being the Amazon link!*
  13. Zoom. Facetime. Skype. WebEx. Why are you sitting around when you can video call people! Maybe your friends or fam, check when they’re available!!!! πŸ˜‰
  14. Online Games Are ‘Lit’ *does that mean they are on fire or…* This website (here πŸ™‚ has TONS of online games you can play, while being 100% free! The total package, huh! πŸ˜‰
  15. VIRTUAL MUSEUMS!!!! Whilst making you smarter for BACK TO SCHOOL and keeping you busy, this is the *right stuff* (Backstreet Boys, 1980s? No, nothing???*sighs*, children these days, with da gadagatgets and de electrons on devis, huuffff) Here you’ll find da best! (here too!)
  16. At Home Karaoke, should we say any more? *heh ;)*
  17. Bake. And send the goods to us πŸ˜‰
  18. Make Your Own Quiz! You can even put the link in the comments! Use this link to make one!
  19. Start an online course! This one seems nice *shrugs* tell us what you think! Though extra work…*nuh uh*
  20. Listen To Some Music! Here are the best QuaranTunes!!!!
  21. This list not enough? Find 20 EXTRA things to do here!
  22. Find Your Pinteresssssst Interest *we’re so proud of that one ;)* Create a Pinterest account to find DIYs, Jokes & More!
  23. Learn how life is @ Izzy’s Buzz HQ (before COVID 19)!Here you can find how we work here @ Izzy’s Buzz! All about our HQ πŸ™‚
  24. Make A Picnic For Your Fam!!!!!! This website has the BEST Picnic Ideas so you can surprise your fam!
  25. Time Capsule, duh! Time Capsules are a great way to find out how life was before, bury one or try to dig some up, maybe these history books are lies made for money, we’ll never know *well, uhhh, we might ;)* We heard these guys had some pretty good time capsule stuff!
  26. Make a bucket list before you turn ___ *your age, btw ;)*! This website has some free printable Bucket List templates you might want to print (or edit *shrugs*)!
  27. MOOOOOOOVIE MAAAAAAAAAARATHON!!!!!!! Aheeeeeeeeem, movie marathon anyone??? Turn on that TV and download/buy/stream your fave movies! From MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe *we’re fans, btw* *blushes*) to Lord Of The *da* Rings, this list has every movie marathon idea you could find *ask adults before downloading any fishy ~movies~ though ;)*
  28. Tie Dye Old…Anything*s*!THIS WEBSITE IS THE BEST AT TIE DYE STEP BY STEPS!!!! *no wonder their website is named after tie-dye ;)*
  29. Stay in your room for as LONG as you can! Time yourself and write your results in the comments, as your acquaintances to try so too, and make a prize for da winner!
  30. Nap! Gotta catch those missing Z’s!
  31. BONUSSSS! OR……If you’re not one to nap, download these games and pick your fave! Here is the link!

Well, Buzzers! Your summer’s bound to be packed up! If you’re a Dubai dweller and wanna go out, you’ll find the best things to do out here! Tell us if you want us to add any in the comments and don’t forget to like this! Some kind words before you get busy! :)))))) You’re beautiful just the way you are, btw *blush emoji ;)* <3 We hope we’ve added a lil’ bit of sunshine into your summer and that boredom will be DEAD *some dark humor to kick this off ;)*! Anyhoo, see ya *cue peace emoji*

Sunshine, tie dye spills and homemade slurpeeeeees,

TheBuzz Team xxxxxxxxxx


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