Hey Science Buzzas!

Weird Disclaimer: All the vocabulary is added to make it extra hard! Mwahahaha! *we ADORE being evil, heh, no guilt!*

Always promise yourself you are going to memorize the Periodic Table of Convoluted Elements (FYI, that Convoluted was just thrown in the mix for a giggle!), probably not, but if you do, then fear not my science foe, you have entered the macabre ‘DEPARTMENT OF PROCRASTINATION’, mwah-ha-ha!

You thought you were excused from the lethal grasps of multitudinous science facts, well no, because with us, nocuous and calamitous fiends, you shall do anything but escape the wraths of ‘la SCIENCE!’. I’d like to throw in another iniquitous laugh into the mix, but I’d appear too melodramatic. Which I am, but you don’t need to know that, but now you do, but you don’t anymore because I just made you forget it, but you still do as I reminded you of it, but you don’t anymore because I talk too much and ramble on for too long, but you still do because I reminded you to not remember and if I relate to it you’ll remember it, ok, I’ll stop. Phew, do you still remember!


Don’t worry, we won’t torture you with hours of monotonous, prolonged and labyrinthine words.

We’ll give you some basics: words to impress, what it is and extra things to say. BAM! hehehehehehhe *we’re going crazy*

The Everyone-Knows One: Lithium-Ion is a type of rechargeable battery, that rose to prominence in the electronics industry. Commonly used for portable electronics and electric automobiles and are rising in popularity for military and aerospace applications. Eh, pretty simple!

The Easy One: Protons, a particle found in all atoms *molecules* , with one heck of an electric charge! Look at your finger, your toe, or a part of your body, well, that is made of atoms, which has protons in it, which has electrical charges in it and so on. Next time you show off, give ’em this example to further explain, and further flex *heh*

The Good One: Thermodynamics is the branch of physics that works with temperature and its relation to energy, radiation and the prominent properties of matter. Simplicity at its finest!

The Look At Me Now *the most ostentious flex you can imagine!*: Magnetite is a rock mineral and one of the main iron ores, with the chemical formula of Fe3O4. It is one of the oxides of iron, and surprisingly is ferrimagnetic (It is a FerriMagnetic rock! Very Magnetic, ferri, get it???); it is instantaneously attracted to a magnet and can even be magnetized to Bada-Bang! become an actual, permanent magnet itself! Can you believe it is the most magnetic of all naturally-occuring minerals on Earth? *yes, Izzy, I can, it’s called nature* Its crystal habit is octahedral, fine granular to massive. Similarly, the crystal class is hexoctahedral (m3m), unimportant but still going to say it, it is a paying member (full membership, yearly!) of the cubic crystal system, you probably won’t remember this but the unit cell is a=8.397 Å: Z=8. Its MOHS scale hardness ranges from 5.5 to 6.5, and last and least *finally!* it is in the scientific category of Oxide Minerals, Spinel Group and Spinal Structural Group. Now, go show off, and make it a good ‘un!

Now, to exit the DEPARTMENT OF PROCRASTINATION, take a right, then a left, press 11th floor to go stupefy someone!

MOHs, Thermodynamics and Atoms,

TheBuzz Team xx


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