Lots of us have YouTube channels, aspiring to be famous and with enndddddleeeeessss amounts of followers. We’ve found a few techniques that can help you boost your channel, quicker :))))))))) And by that, we’re not saying buy $50K’s worth of fireworks like Mr.Beast *slaps face*.

Anyhooo, let’s make your channel suuuuper popular! If you want people to come and subscribe, write your YouTube channel name in the comments for our upcoming article ‘Best Buzzer YouTube Channels!’ to make your channel fulminate even more *uh huh!!!!*

Step 1: Pick at least 5 YouTubers with over 200+ million views, then check their most viewed vids *or any vids with LOADS of views*, if it’s ‘What’s In The Box Challenge’, then do that! Copy some of their work, until you get a loyal fanbase that wants YOUR own ideas *the world is like that, sorry not sorry :(*

Step 2: Make Titles That Are SOOO Long, they’ll want to press on it to see the whole sentence, make it interesting, like “Stupid Shark Menacingly Tries To…*person clicks to see more*”, that way you’ll get views, it’s not clickbait, but kindaaaaaaaaa ;)))))) Btw, just by clicking you’ll get an extra view, you don’t even have to watch the whole vid, so this could rack up TOOOOOOOOOOOONS of views *amirite or amirite???* 🙂

Step 3: Make a Video On How To Make Your YouTube Channel More Popular *hehehehehehe*, everyone wants stardom and moolah, soooo, they’ll go to Google for help *DuckDuckGo is a better alternative, they don’t track you like Google does #JoinTheDuckSide*, and they’ll find some YouTube vids ALSO explaining, and click on those! No one can resist a good ol’ vid :)))))))! Then, those views be rackin’ up *UUUUHHHH HUUUUHHHH*

Step 4: Post DAILY!!!! Fans will come for more, the more you post, the more views you can get, the more money you make, fans will come over and over, not only is it paying da *bills* quicker, it’s making fan’s days *blushes*, that should make your day, and THEIRS!!!!

Step 5: Make a Netflix-Type YouTube Video Series! You’ve probably heard of Brat TV, well they are kiiiiiiindaaa a YouTube based Netflix *just the eps are 8 mins shrug shrug* and they make a…uuuuuum…1hour movie and got 68MILLION+ views!!!!! If you can rack up that much, then you were born for YouTube *their series make more views doe* And there are WAY more people on YouTube than Netflix *cuz YT is free, exposed…!!!* and people watch more, so Netflix vids on YT *made by you, ofc!!!* is perf!

IF YOU don’t have a YouTube channel, now’s the PERFECT time to make one, cuz everyone’s at home, on their devices *most likely watchin somethin* so you have more chances of succeeding NOW than BEFORE! Go make one!


Well, Buzzerrrrrrrrrs *hehe, we finally learned to roll our ‘R’s :))))*, we hope you go viral with your YouTube channels!!!! Don’t forget to add your Channel Name under (we’ll edit it and put in the link!) No links please *we do dat!* and you’ll get another chance of becoming YT-famous in our upcoming article with all YOUR YouTube channels!


TheBuzz Team


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  1. Put your YouTube channel names here! Just the names! We’ll then add a link to your channel so everyone can go watch! Also, feel free to put your fave YouTubers!

    The Buzz Team :)))))))

    1. Haylo YouGoGirl! LaurenZside? We’ve heard of her and it seems pretty cool, thanks for the recommendation! Cookie Crumbs is an AMAZING name for a channel, *scribbles name down*, and Potato – how are these names this cute?!?!

      You go girl!


      TheBuzz Team

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