Do you watch Modern Family? Then you should! No nepotism here, but it’s like, one of the best shows to ever grace the planet, so like, go binge all 9 seasons on Netflix (excuse me ABC, but have you delivered seasons 10 & 11 yet?) Cuz like…we waitin’

Anyways, we did a couple of the same quiz as us *which modern fam character are you!* and we found…*gulps*, stuff. (aka swearing and irrelevant questions, also things that require you to watch the WHOLE show to answer!), this, you can take even if you havent watched it! In the end, it’s kinda like a personality quiz, *shrug emoji*! I mean, can’t knock it til’ you try it – Say So, Doja Cat


Tell us what you got in the comments!


The BuzzTeam


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  1. I also got GLORIA ! Thx to this I now watch modern family and it’s awesome, thx for recommending it I love it and my family and I watch it! can Moni g do some quizzes too?

    1. Phew, we were nervous you’d get Luke, *shudders*! Modern Fam is AWESOMMEEE *agreed!*

      We’ll check with @MonicaG if she wants to do some quizzes! Btw, we have a poll comin in soon with article ideas, so we know what our Buzzers like :)))


      TheBuzz Team

    1. Oof, Alex! Alex IS one of our faves, her condescension is so much like Mitchell too doe, well, runs in the fam! And btw, you’re smarter than you think! :)))


      TheBuzz Team

  2. Hello, Hey,hey,hey!, I wanted to reply to your question: yes, I can make a quiz! But what do you want it to be about?
    ? 🤨 ?
    Moni G ✌🏼

  3. I want it to be a.. kinda … Modern family, maybe? Or, umm. I’ll tell you your favorite color just by you choosing a photo of an animal?? Yeah, that one ! Please?

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