What IS the Penny Appeal?

This isn’t an ad! It’s to help starving children!

Want to make MORE? Help now and, not by the Penny Appeal, not by us, but by a SPECIAL SOMEONE, you’ll get something big in return *it’s up to you to see who that special SOMEONE is!* and by makin’ more, we ain’t just talkin’ money…

Pen, pencil, penny!!! Either currency or a name, we’re going to dig deep for the undisclosed *but not really, because lots of people know it, but, read on!* treasures that lay under our dainty and not-so-dainty feet!

“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.”

The Penny Appeal is a problem-solver, they give water to the thirsty in Pakistan, build wells, care for orphans, deliver urgent medical aid and healthcare, provide nutritious meals, open schools, orphanages, care for the elderly, care for soldiers and so much more. All donations provide lots of aid to the impoverished and unfortunate in 35 under-nourished, under-developed countries.

Penny Appeal’s process of charity work isn’t convoluted, though it helps a TON of people everyday. They ensure that everyone can help the impoverished by giving a few pennies each day, hence the name ‘Penny Appeal’.

So, what we’re saying is head on to THIS website! Ask your parents to donate at least a bit, and then later, something AMAZIIIIIING will happen to you. Be patient for dis doe!

“We take small change and make a big difference with it.” – Penny Appeal

Water, pennies and insurance,

TheBuzzTeam xxxxx


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  1. Wow. This is so sad. Why don’t we all have shelter and water? We take it for granted, and we shouldn’t! Don’t waste food! Some people have NONE! Don’t waste water! Some people have none!

    1. Yeah, life is unfair…btw, we LOVE your nickname, *cuz, Earth IS important :)))* There are hundreds of thousands of companies that do things like Zero Waste or DONATE NOW! Penny Appeal is one of ’em! We support all ‘dem non profit organizations, to name a few, here are some GREAT ones!

      The World’s Largest Lesson
      Penny Appeal 😉


      TheBuzz Team

  2. Yes, Earth is important, but some people don’t know that, and thanks, I knew it would be a nice name! Really? Wow, cool! Now I’m going to make my whole family take action too! Not only is this website amazing and fun, but it helps teach you good things! Thanks, Izzy!

    1. Hi EarthIsImportant *cuz it is ;)*! We’re trying to get people to help and donate with the Penny Appeal article! Aww, thanks! Not only are YOU amazing and fun, but you taught ME good things! Thanks, EarthIsImportant!


      TheBuzz Team

    1. Awww! That’s great, Kayla! Let’s give so much to charity, that everyone has enough and thus we don’t need charities anymore!


      TheBuzz Team

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