Heyyyyy there Buzzers! Now, besides delivering cake *aka giving you cake baking recommendations ;)* We’ll be delivering TEA, what is dat, you ask? Well, according to my friend Googs,

To share or reveal gossip. “Tea” is a slang term for gossip. Well, that’s the tea on tea *hehe, see what we did here ;)* So really, it’s *spill the tea*, like *spill the beans* or *spill it, sista*!

Anyhoo, the tea is served once a week, you choose if you want suga or not 😉 😉 ;))))))))))! *also, we wrote ‘suga’ to pertain to some Megan Thee Stallion tea, ‘Suga’ is the name of her most popular album, just to fill you in!*

In The Tea section, we’ll delve into the creeeeeeeeeeepy depths of drama, and boyyyyyyy, is there drama, *there’s more drama in Covid 19, than before it *slaps face**! From Charli D’Amelio to the beeeeeeest TEA channels, we’ve got the tea, and oops, we spilled it *hehe, another pretty sweet pun ;)*

Just a preview of some of the articles you’ll see! :))))))))))

The BEST Tea Channels on YouTube

The D’Amelio’s Reality Show?!?! More Updates

People Who’ve Been Cancelled 2020 – And Whyyyyy!

AND moooooreeeeee :::::)))))))) (too many eyes, not enough smiles!)

Tea Party every week *aka when we drop da tea******

The BuzzTeam xxxx <3


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  1. We’ll be spillin’ the tea next week! There’s too much going on @ the moment! From Charli D’Amelio to scandals, this is tough business we’re talkin’ about!


    TheBuzz Team

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