As I bike-ride to school, I notice some girls pointing at me and whispering about me. Yes, I’m being bullied. And I can’t do anything about it, because it’ll just make it worse. There’s 4 girls: Kelley, Lauren, Chloe, and Carren. They’re mean. I don’t like them. Duh!!! My best friend is Ashley, and my name’s Bella. They bully me because of that. They say Bella’s a dog name. I hate my name, almost as much as I hate them. My horrid mom chose it for me. Her name’s Lara, and she’s horrid, horrid, horrid. I once heard her say, “I wish Bella was never my daughter!” And even worse, I hear her pray, every night, “Please make me wake up, and and my daughter is that Chloe that daft Bella keeps talking about. Please, please, please!” I cried every night. EVERY NIGHT.

Until Natalie’s birthday. When I saw Natalie give out invitations to everyone, I panicked. The bullies would be there. Plus it’s a sleepover. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!! This is all wrong. It can’t be! I quickly spot Natalie, and run to her. She was done giving out invitations, so she was talking to Skye, her best friend, near her desk. “So then, we screamed, but Lucy didn’t, she laughed, so we realised that she was just KIDDING! Can you believe it?” Natalie says to Skye. “I know, right? We have GOT to listen to her more!” Skye replies. I gulp, before tapping Natalie’s shoulder. I was always nervous around her and Skye. They were sharp-witted, chic, and way older than most of us! “Hm? Bella? Earth to Bella?” Natalie says, waving her hands in front of my eyes, or well, face. “Oh, um, sorry! I just wanted to know why you invited those snobs,” I point to Kelley, Chloe, Lauren and Carren. “To your party!” I finish. Skye rolls her eyes, and Natalie folds her arms. “Uh, ’cause they’re my friends?” Natalie says. WHOOPS! “And please don’t call them snobs! Later.” Natalie says, and she and Skye head off to lunch.

Today was the party! As Bella’s BFF, I must stay with her for the WHOLE sleepover! Unless… no! No! Be a good friend, Ash. BEST friend. And, I choose some clothes, teddies, pillows, food (snacks), toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, my scrapbook, my sketch book, mini-printer, camera, iPad, iPhone, some books, and my felt-tips, too! Oh, and my notebook and … that’s it! My suitcase isn’t even full yet! Or half-FULL!! But that’s ok, I’ll have less to carry. Mum comes in. “Ash, you don’t need all these snacks! The Marshalls’ have got all the snacks there!” she says, taking my snacks out. “Yes, but I’m vegetarian!” I reply, taking back the snacks and putting them back in my suitcase. “They don’t know that!” Whoops. I spoke too soon. “So you LIED? You told everyone knew!” Mum says, stunned. “Every CLOSE friend, Mum. It’s not the same. Bella’s making me LESS popular. I don’t like her anymore.” I say, getting out my art set and putting it in my suitcase. “But–but–” Mum says, almost speechless. I can’t blame her. I always seem so happy and giddy with excitement with Bella, but that’s just all a LIE. On the INside, she’s my enemy. “I can’t… no. Are you sick? Are you hot? Are you cold? Honey, Ashley’s sick!” Mum shouts to my older brother, David. “No. No. No. And NO! Mum, Bella’s a daft girl. She can’t even stand up for herself. OK, bye, Mum. See ya.” I say, as she walks out my room. But then, she comes back. “I’ll tell David,” she sighs, and laughs. I roll my eyes. “ASHLEY?!?!? ARE YOU OK?!?” my little bro yells, coming in my room. “Yeah, and seriously, do you HAVE to bring your game controller here?” I say… and ask. “Yes.” he replies. Oh, David, David, David. Mum and David leave, I text Bella… it went something like this:


Hey! Hi. What’s up>

Nothing. Me neither.

Then, I told her some jokes and riddles I found, but when I asked if she knew the answer, she didn’t reply. But she READ it. I could feel her smiling as I was texting:

Bella? BELLA?

Guess she’s just as cold as my dinner. I hate her. HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE her.

‘You excited?” Debbie asks. ‘Duh! This is going to be the BEST party EVER!’ I reply. She smiles at me. I smile back. Debbie’s my older sister. Then I have 2 older brothers, and 1 younger sister. Debbie’s real name is Deborah. I’m Natalie, then there’s Kevin and Dylan, and Jasmine. This is a secret, but my friend, Chloe… has a crush on my older brothers! Weird, right? Yeah, anyway, Skye’s at the door! Better go get that!

“HI!” I say, as Natalie opens the door. “Happy birthday, Nat!” I give her her presents. She doesn’t snatch them, she slowly takes them, and puts them carefully on a table. “Thanks! You’re actually the first person to arrive, so come on in!” Nat replies. Her brothers come down. “Hey.” Kevin says. ” Hello.” Dylan says. “Hey! What’s up?” I ask. “Nothing much,” Dylan replies. “Deb, we’re going out. Tell mom we’ll be home by 8.” Kevin says, before they leave. It’s 3!

Okay, this is it. I wonder if ASHLEY’S already at the sleepover. Eh, who cares? I know, anyway! She’s moving to USA! Yes, duh, we’re in AUSTRALIA!

I woke up with a start. It wasn’t moving yet. Someone was waking me up, even though I was already awake. “AAHHH!!!! IT’S GRANNY!” I yell, waking everyone, who was part of the sleepover, and we all yelled, because that very person that was waking me up… was GONE. Well, Natalie wasn’t screaming. She turned the lights on, and we all realized that the ‘thing’ that was waking me up was the curtains in Natalie’s den, and I must’ve moved so much I must’ve reached there! We all laughed and giggled and chuckled, and then we got back into our sleeping bags.

This time, I woke up naturally. I felt like that Granny mishap was just a dream. But it wasn’t! When I looked around the room, everyone was there. EXCEPT BELLA! Where was she? “Ashley! Psst! Ashley! Are you awake?” says a voice. I look around to see Skye talking to me. “Have you seen Natalie? She’s gone!” Wait. “Bella’s gone too!” I say, getting out of my sleeping bag. Skye looks at me worriedly. “You don’t think… Bella has something to do with … Natalie’s disappearance, right?” Skye says, trembling. “I don’t know… let’s look around?” I suggest. Skye nods, still shaking. We get up, and start looking…

I don’t think that Nat did something bad to Bella. BELLA did something bad to Nat… Me and Ashley (who I know wish was my 2nd bestie!) look around the house. We looked EVERYWHERE. Except for rooms where Nat’s family was sleeping, and except a room with a blue and pink door… I was shaking too much to open it, so Ash did. Wait.. this is Nat’s room! As Ash opens it, we find Nat on her bed, CRYING! “N-Nat?” I say, coming closer to her. She looks at us. “Oh, hey guys..” she says, wiping away her tears and sniffling. “B-Bella… she… she did… a-a-… b-b-baaaaad…. th-thing..” Natalie stammers. “Huh? What did she do?” Ash asks. “S-she… failed… science.. fair p-project… that… she br-rought… she’s… an… old lady…” Nat continues, as I give her some tissues. “What? Where is she now?” Ashley says, shocked. “I-I don’t know. I haven’t seen her since she left… after you guys fell asleep, I didn’t… she was doing her science fair project and she became an old lady.” Natalie finishes. “WHAT?!? HOW?!?” Ashley says, pacing around the room. “I don’t know..” Natalie says. “Okay…” Ashley says, now calmed down.

It’s already been a week since the sleepover…

Me, Natalie, and Skye are BFFS! Since Bella was gone, I was as popular as I was BEFORE I met her. Today, Natalie was sick, so me and SKYE (!!!!) walked home together. We were chatting about this new, crazy-great Netflix show, when a lady dropped her wallet. Skye picks it up, and as she’s ABOUT to give it back, she gasps. She hands me the wallet, since I was curious, and all of a sudden, I realize that the photo in the lady’s wallet… “Bella?!?” I yell, now so stunned. As we walked to Bella, er, OLD LADY Bella, she hops onto a bus. and we run after it. Then, we notice the bus is going to.. no! THE AIRPORT?!? We run faster, knowing this is just the beginning of a crazy adventure…


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  1. Woah. Me likey! I LOVED the *cold as my dinner…*part, :)))))! Bella & Ashley, next up on the Are These Friends Compatible? Also, I need a part 2!!!!

    ~When is Part 2 releasing?~


    The ~obsessed~ Buzz Team

  2. Yes!!! That sounds PERFECT!!! So perfect guys! Well done! 🙂 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    1. Your username is ~sweeeeeeeeeeeettt~, perfect? Well, @MoniG, your stories seem to be having ~quite~ the fandom 😉


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    1. Hey Koko! I see you’re a person of culture as well ;p I’m glad you like these animemes :DDD We recommend browsing through r/goodanimemes for more! Would you like a Part 2? : D Have fun around Izzy’s Buzz!

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