Life is what happens to you while you’re looking at your phone.

– Every Millennial’s parent

If you’re here, you’re ~probably~ a Gen Z, or a millennial, so these are words you probably *use*, *hear* or *tweet about*. This ~disgraceful~ slang is just a 20-word guide to help you ~circle~ ’round these here *slang-ish* parts!

Enjoy the slang, and if you’re friends need *help* with slang, then show ’em this! Now, let’s get *slangin’* ~does that work, or…~


  1. SHOOK: When you are ~shocked~ at something, can replace a gasp or an agape mouth! EXAMPLE: Hey, umm, did you hear that tea? Yeah, I’m shook!
  2. DEAD: Something that is sooo ~hilarious~ it has practically *killed* you ~of laughter~! EXAMPLE: Hey, dude! Look at this meme! *laughs hysterically* I’m dead ~in text, it’s usually followed by a skull emoji ;)*
  3. On Fleek: It just means ~on point~. Should I say any ~MORE~?!?!?! EXAMPLE: OHHHHHH MY -, YOUR HAIR, WOOH! ON FLEEK! YASSSSS QUEEN! *snaps fingers*

Lil’ pause: enjoy our other articles, if you want! Or, read on!

4. SKRT!: When you want your compadre to ~stop talking~ just yell ‘SKRT!’, pronounced [sku-rttt]! EXAMPLE: Yeah, so blah blah blah blah blah blah… SKRTTTTTT!!!!!

Izzy, SKRT!!!!

– All of you guys ;)))!

5. G.O.A.T: Acronym for ~greatest of all time~, to describe a person who was ‘THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME’ in a specific ~thang~. EXAMPLE: Ahem, Friends is the G.O.A.T! NO, The Office is!!!!!

6. Low Key: It basically means ~kinda~!!! EXAMPLE: Gosh, I like that mag, but I’m low key loving that one too…

7. STAN: To ~obsessively stalk or fanperson over a celeb~ or ~adore this person to…~ EXAMPLE(S): Meaning 1, I stan Ari but I prefer Tay Tay!!! Meaning 2, Stan Izzy’s Buzz for clear skin! *meaning 2 is usually considered as a joke, just to show appreciation to someone for doing something dubbed ‘nice’ or ~sweet~!

The Latest Comments, join the convo and comment!

8. Snatched: When something is ~on fleek~ or especially fab! 😉 EXAMPLE: Whoever’s reading this looks SNATCHED!

9. [To] Slay: To show someone who’s ~boss~ *obviously, you, duuuuuhhhh!!!!* EXAMPLE: Wake up, and slayyy them all!!!

Wake up, and slayyy them all!!!


10. Swerve: To ~avoid~ something, to try to ~run away~ from it! EXAMPLE: After yesterday’s fight, they were swerving each other, ay ay ay…

11. NO CAP: It means ~seriously~ EXAMPLE: Those books you bought are sublime, no cap.

12. TROLL: Someone who is ~deliberately trying to annoy or get a reaction from someone~ through *RUDE* or spam comments! EXAMPLE: Do NOT go on Twitter, *troll alert*!!!!

13. V: Just a lazy way of sayin’ ~very~, this slang is v trashy ;)))) *see what we did there?*

14. JOMO: Joy Of Missing Out. Simple ;).

15. Hundo-P: Just a ~swag~ way of saying *ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!* EXAMPLE: Ready? Hundo-P ready!!!


17. Cancelled: To *end* a celebrity, because of ~something~ they did! EXAMPLE: 2020 is DA YEAR for cancelled celebs :(((((

18. Suh: Lazy way of saying ‘What’s up?‘, people these days…

19. IRL: In real life. Don’t be LAZY, just write ‘In real life’, millennials *slaps face*

20. HANGRY: You’re angry cuz’ you’re hungry, ~kinda~ punny… *see what we did der? ;)))))* EXAMPLE: GAHHHH, I’m too hangry, take me to a restaurant!

Well, Buzzers? Was that ‘slang’ course fun? We sure hope so! Now, go enjoy some articles, maybe take your pick from down below? Have an amazing day 😉


TheBuzz Team


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    1. Thanks Karen, and your username is correct, you ARE awesome! Shook is most definitely our favorite, it’s so easy to remember and delivers such a *inhales* powerful message *whilst sounding like a cool teen ;)*


      The ~slang-speakin~ Buzz Team

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