Well, this is one *checks notes* Corona-y year we got, elections *btw, VOTE Americans!!!* We’ve found that virtual book clubs are ~all the rage~ and you Buzzers need ^something^ to do, why not have a book club? Since Zoom is ~so last month~ *not really though ;)* we thought…let’s share books, review books, chat about books, discuss books, enjoy books and book books! It’s 100% optional, so if you choose to ~ignore~ books, your loss!

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  1. Hello programmerrr, I’m glad you’re enjoying Izzy’s Buzz ! Hopefully you’re enjoying your time here and we’ll see you again…

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No signing up, no hassle. It’s simple, really! All you have to do is…

Step 1: Refresh Izzy’s Buzz to check for book recommendations, places to chat and articles!

Step 2: Click on the article 😉 *simplllleeeee*

Step 3: Comment!

Step 4: Read this :)))), comment about your favorite book, book recommendations, book reviews, or just to say ‘Hi!’

Step 5: Sit back and we’ll reply ASAP! Then you can reply or refresh for more!

Step 6: This can be done anytime! Read the opening paragraph!

Simple? Yes. Interesting? DUH!!!

Now, go do all 6 Steps, it’s simple!


TheBuzz Team


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  1. Feel free to chat here, recommend books here, read books here, *fanfics appreciated, have to be appropriate doe ;)* or dwell here! Write as many comments as you want and we’ll ~approve~ them right away! Now, get commentin’!

  2. hey!! im currently reading a book named ‘the thing about jellyfish’ by Ali Benjamin!! I haven’t finished it yet but so far it’s really good and actually keeps me on the edge of my seat sometimes!!! I totally recommend it to anyone over 9 years old 💗

    1. Hey, Anisa! ‘The Thing About Jellyfish’ *adds to list*? I’ve heard of it and apparently, it’s AMAZING! Thanks for joining our Book Club and recommending! Woah, if it keeps you on the edge of your seat, it’s ~most definitely~ a must! We’ll add it in our upcoming Book Club articles! Thanks Anisa!


      TheBuzz Team *currently busy reading The Thing About Jellyfish*

  3. I have this cool book I read like a million times, it’s called ‘Guts’ but Raina Telegemier, and it’s -as the book wrote- for anyone who’s afraid. I recommend it for anyone who’s 6 or 7 and up! It’s really nice and I hope you can read it and enjoy it! Thanks for this awesome website and I look forward to having fun here and chatting! Bye!


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