We’ve got an avid Buzzer who has recommended Magic Tricks, so thanks to @Didi for your GREAT recommendations! Also, who doesn’t love Magic Tricks? We’ve rounded up 12 super easy magic tricks that just need some ordinary materials! Have a spoon, great! You already have a head start! :))))))) Channel your inner Houdini and get magic-ing!

Magic is magical. Of course it is, it’s magic!

– Some weirdo

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Now, off to the magic tricks :)))

  1. Metal Spoon Bender

Look, you’re a smart kid, and a smart kid deserves a smart kid magic trick, so, we’re here to deliver! Sure, bending a metal spoon might seem *impossible* but as Audrey Hepburn once said, yeah, I’m gonna cut that and get to the point! Nothing is impossible, especially when you have *smoke bomb* MAAHHAAAAAAAGGGGICCCCCCCCCCC *’h’ is there on purpose, btw ;)*


Get a spoon, simple! Then using your hands, press down on it, and pretend to be bending it, then say ‘These guns don’t make themselves’, then, liffttt the spoon up up up, and show your spectators that it’s not bent, just like you found it, they’ll gasp, they’ll be *shook* and your *working out* will be worth it! Simple.

2. Levitating Cards

Ever see those vids with levitation? Yeah, if it’s not before your very eyes, it’s most likely staged. That’s what MOST people think, but sometimes, even if it IS before your very own eyes, it might be staged too. This one is a classic that every magician has, so, you should too!


You’ll need:

  • Black thread (or any color string!)
  • A playing card
  • Tape
  • Straw
  • Scissors
  • And a lil bit of magic!

Cut off a little piece of the straw, take a bit of tape *just a lil* and tape the straw to the back of your playing card. Next up, take a few cms of black thread, and thread the thread through the straw that is on the back of your card. Then, tie one end into a loop. This should be able to be tied around your thumb! The other end will be taped down to the card. Then snip that thread, so that you have just a lil’ left! And now, you have the levitating card! Now, to the trick!

Make sure your thread is the sam color as your shirt, background, wall or wherever your levitation card will be. Invisible thread is often available at magic stores too! You want them to be oblivious to the fact that you have a thread, and you want to pretend that it’s ~actually~ levitating! First take the loop on the left and tie it around one of your thumb, and then take the loop of the right and tie it around your other thumb! Now, pull gently from side to side, and BAMMM!!!! It’ll look like it’s levitating!


3. Rising Rings

This is probably the 2nd most simple ~so far~ ‘cuz you just need a ring and a rubber band! This is great for beginners! Wrap the rubber band around your pinkie and ring fingers as the 1st step! Make sure the back of your hand faces the audience!

With your other hand’s index finger, *the finger next to the thumb*, stretch the rubber band diagonally towards your lil’ thumb, and hold it very tight! Bend all 4 fingas ~fingers~ on the original hand against your ~now sweaty~ palm! Your finger *nails* should be riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight underneath the stretched rubba band! The ~working~ secret is to remove the thumb from the loop once the other fingertips are secured and saaaaaaffffeeeee! If you don’t do this, the trick won’t have the same effect!

4. Magnetic Pencils

Pencils, magnets, booooooring…but what’s NOT boring is this trick, and it’s even funner with the crowd’s gasps!


Show that the pencil sticks to your hand as you grasp your wrist, then let go of the hand you’re grabbing with, the pencil will mysteriously stay in place, make sure you have a watch that cover the secret…. Aka the watch and the pencil bottom stick together because of magnetic force, so an Apple Watch, or a sports watch should do the trick *wristwatches for the best effects*

5. Sugar Cubes Are Always Useful

Sugar cubes are ~always~ the go-to when you need sugar and most people have a handful in their pantry, sooo, this quiz should be available for most, we sure hope so! This is really simple and should take about, a couple of mins!


Use a pencil to write a number on a sugar cube, if the number has a ~meaning~ behind it, then explain it to the audience!

Then pick up the sugar cube and squish the side with the number on it against your thumb, the number will come on your thumb!

Then put the sugar cube down and show your thumb…let the gasps roll in…

6. Bye Bye Toothpick

You’ll make a toothpick vaaaaanish *wooooowww* And it isn’t ~all that~ hard, nope, it’s easy ;)! Only little practice is needed to master this trick, but a lil extra practice doesn’t huuuurt?

For this, you’ll need some clear tape, and a toothpick! So *grab em*!

Take a small piece of tape and stick the toothpick on the ~wittle~ nail of your thumb!

Cover the tape with your finger while ~vertically~ holding the toothpick so it ~looks~ like you’re *holding* the toothpick~y~ in your hand!

Say ‘Abracarssdjjedmdjedjid’ or any *magicky* word you know!

Remove yo’ fingers from the tip, and open your palm ~fuuuuuulll out~ so it looks like it won’t show!

Make sure to do this ~real quick~ so dat it’ll *actually* woooork!

May the magic be with you…


TheBuzz Team


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    1. Hi Amber! We know the ~bored~ feeling and it sucks *shakes head*! So, we’re happy we’re eliminating it for you with *dun dun duuuuunnn* MAGIC!!!
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  1. My sister is so easily tricked even though she’s older than me so *of course* she fell for this! Her face when I showed her the it wasn’t REAL magic tho, LOL!

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