Heyyyyyyy Buzzers! School is ~within reach~ and we’ve gotta bulk up *not literally, *shudders*

This here is an ~Opinion Corner~, a fresh addition to Izzy’s Buzz, articles like these, *that say ‘opinion corner’ at the end* are probably the most engaging ones :))))! So, we’ll ask you a simple questions, adding some ~pretty~ fun stuff and you’ll be able to answer in the comments!

Down below, you can comment your opinion and talk about other’s opinions too! Feel free to chat, gossip ~spill da tea!~, judge *politely*, send some positive affirmations, give your YouTube Channel name, Instagram, or simply recommending a book, a show, a hobby or anything! So, opinion corner’s questions!

Question of the week in OPINION CORNER:


Reply in the comments :))))


The ~questioning~ BuzzTeam


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  1. More on this: every week, we’ll have a question that you can answer to, it’s a way to *chat* while being apart, to discuss, make friends or simple just reply to opinions!


    TheBuzz Team

    1. Heyyyyyy Alisar! Awww thanks! Btw, welcome to Izzy’s Buzz! Feel free to comment, browse, read or just laugh *hehehehe*
      Any questions, feedback, jokes or even article ideas?


      TheBuzz Team

  2. I feel like… a bit anxious but excited 😊 too! I’m back with my friends but there’s a girl who bullies me who’s in my class too so I’m not really looking forward to seeing her… but! I’m sure it’ll be awesome 😎!

    1. Awwwwww, we’re all, *deep down*, a bit anxious ~or VERY anxious, in our case ;)~! Ohhh, you should stand up to that BULLY! Lady Gaga has your back, she fights for anti-bullying! It’s so sweet that you’re keeping positive! Stay awesome, Karen!

      xxxxxxxx and best wishes!!!!

      TheBuzz Team

  3. I’m not really excited, I’m actually really stressed and don’t want to go to school. I have no friends, but I get good grades, so that’s why they bully me. They call me the ‘teacher’s pet’ and it’s really horrible. I get teased and bullied and my teachers don’t even NOTICE.

    1. Kayla! I’m so glad you guys aren’t scared to tell us, we’re here to help! *btw, we’ve been waiting for people to comment and now, here you are!* You ain’t excited? Don’t worry, you’ll have a posse of not-excited back-to-schoolers by the time you get there! And keep those good grades! GO YOU KAYLA!!!! You are awesome awesome awesome! Your teachers must be ~hecka~ ignorant to not notice that their pet is being bullied! But, best wishes and feel free to talk to us or ask for help – anytime!

      xxxx and best best best wishes!

      TheBuzz Team

  4. Wait! I just found out! One of my old childhood friends is in my class!! YAYYY!!! Maybe it’s not so bad after all!

    1. WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO! Wow, that childhood friend is one goooooood friend! Don’t worry, if yo’ childhood friend is a good ‘un, she’ll be by your side! Stay positive Kayla!

      xxxxxxx and heart heart heart

      TheBuzz Team

  5. Hey, Kayla! I’m Karen, and I also get bullied, but no sweat 😓! You sound like such a great person and I’d love to be your friend! Don’t worry, we’re all here for you!!!!


    1. Aww, thanks Karen for bringing some more joy to Kayla and changing your name for her!!!! Thx to everyone for the positivity around these here parts!


      The ~positive~ Buzz Team

    1. Hi Bobo! Yeah, we’re pretty ~clueless~ about school, too! I mean, who knows?!?! There’s time for some boiling’ hot ~drama~ to start, and honestly, we’re all pretty clueless *chuckles abnormally* Agreed, school SHOULD be fun!!!! Let’s hope for da best!\

      Best of luck Bobo!


      TheBuzz Team

      AT: Moni G sends her regards 😉

  6. Hey! It’s Moni G! Just read these messages! Good luck, Karen and Kayla! And Bobo, I’m sure it’ll be AWESOME 😎! Have a great day/night/afternoon! Bye!

    Moni ✌🏼

    1. Hi Moni G ! First call you can call me Baran bobo is a nickname and second I think you sooooooooooo cool !

      1. Heyyyyyy Bobo! Lemme check w/ Moni G for her to reply!!! And Baran is such a sweeeeeeeet name! *adds to list of sweeeeeeet names* And yesssss, Moni G IS sooo cool!!!!!!


        TheBuzz Team

    2. Heyyyyyyyy Moni, it’s me, IzzyV! By da way, are new stories brewin? Because we have heard that a whole TRUCKLOAD of stories are comin in this week! Have a great evenin/afternoon/mornin/nighty!!!!!


      TheBuzz Team

    1. AWWWWWWW, thanks Bobo for your fun and positivity!!!! Have a wonderful day/evenin/afternoon/mornin/nighty!! 😉


      TheBuzz Team

    1. A new story? WOOOOOHOOOOO! We’ve been waiting *checks watch*! YAYYYYYYY!!! Could it be published today? We have posted 2 new books today!

      Cmon Moni! Us Buzzers are enthralled!


      The ~patient~ Buzz Team *hehe, see what we did there!*

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