World Hunger is a crisis that has been around for a ~LOOOOOONG~ amount of time, and people just keep on publicizing how they are going to help, when really, they aren’t doing anything! But, we’ve rounded up 4 ways you can help, from past research, and sooo, let’s get right to it!


  1. Donate GOOOOOOD Meals

Time to lend a helpin’ hand

If you want to help, first, you’ve gotta calculate the costs of a good meal. And by that, we mean a ~GOOOOOD~ meal. Give someone some quality food! *cue foodies* You also need to know where the undernourished are and ~rememba~ that there are under-nourished and malnourished people. Meals are often cheap and donating helps wayyyyyyyyyyy more than you think!

2. C’mon, Speak Up For Eco-Friendly Food!

Help change the way pollutive agriculture is

Talk to anyone you have *sources* of, make sure they have ~connections~ or comment down below how you FEEL about this existential crisis! Make sure they aren’t AGAINST it, which they obvi shouldn’t be! The more people speaking up for this, the more change we can make. And, it gives us *hope*, which increases our chances of tackling it! Some foods are FAR from eco friendly and cause more damage when being eaten than not eating at all. So, if you give meals, check ’em first! Health before money!

3. Ever Heard Of – Urban Farmin’?!?!

Be sustainable even when no one else is

To help ERADICATE hunger, you can send money to small farms! Make sure they treat their animals well, and are eco friendly, if they are small, they are more likely to treat their animals better than if it’s a WORLD’S LEADING BLAH BLAH BLAH. Corporate farms tend to use hormones and other ~eugh~ substances/foods/viruses/microbes/fertilizers to produce MORE and MORE and MORE and to make endless amounts, so, either you create yo’ own farm, or you choose a healthy, organic one!

4. Access, Access, Access

Hey, the title’s correct!

If yo’ farm *chosen farm or whateva* doesn’t have access to ~certain~ things, this could downgrade your chances of providing happy, healthy meals to the undernourished/malnourished. If you send money to small farms, that’s a BIG step, and you’re going to have to do that anyhow, well, yo’ farmers are still going to be in need of some *hmmm*, euhm, let’s say, ~tools~, not literal, but also literal! If they *potentially* RIIIIIISE in helpin the world, make sure to give yo’ self credit, but in all privacy, you can always remain incognito! Make sure they KNOW their stuff, know HOW, WHERE, WHEN etc. You are going to need A LOT of trust if you want to give meals via a farm!

Anything else we missed? Any other facts, ways, ideas? Tell us in the comments!

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