When it comes to the law, some people are willing to abide by every rule, others just — aren’t, and some people are just plain ~touchy~ about it! But these 9 things are looked as *normal* or a daily thing *shrugs*

WEIRD DISCLAIMER: Not everything on this list may be illegal in your own country, but these things are ~mainly~ illegal.

So, without further rambling, here are the 9 things that are *kinda suprisingly* illegal!

  1. Using A Fake Name Online

Technically, this isn’t illegal unless you are using it to pretend to be someone else, if it’s just to protect your privacy then it’s ok, but if it’s to fake or *be* someone else, that’s some illegal stuff! Like in the comments, if you choose a nickname or another invented name, that’s legal and probably for privacy reasons!

Another explanation: If you don’t use a name to pretend to be someone else that already exists, then it’s legal. Using another name for privacy is legal, because everyone needs ~SOME~ privacy, which apparently doesn’t exist anymore *I give up!*

2. Watching Shows Online

If it’s not something licensed and legal like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc. Then that’s illegal, if you have used an online service that you download from like 123movies *heard of it from word of mouth* or ~idk~, then that’s illegal, it’s called piracy. Basically, downloading movies online with websites that don’t have licenses or make shows *Netflix do, so it’s legal!* is illegal!

Another explanation: If you download a movie online that doesn’t have a license, that isn’t legal *simple!*

3. Using copyrighted content

If you don’t have a license, or haven’t PAID and ASKED for a certain copyrighted content, that’s illegal, even downloading someone’s video for money! On YouTube, using videos or photos or any kind of content that is royalty free or copyright free, you can be held in court and would have to pay. Like, on Google if you search up something and then *SAVE* a photo, then post it for money, you’re breaking da law…*sighs*

4. Singing Happy Birthday

Yes, you saw dat right *we had to read that twice!* The song’s writers Mildred & Patty Hill, copyrighted it and if you film yourself singing it, or someone else, you’ll have to face some coooooooonsequences! If you sing it without filming or keeping the video for yourself, you’re preeeeeeeetty much safe!!!!

5. Littering

Greta Thunberg will be happy if you stop doing this *hehehehe*! Littering is actually illegal so if you see someone litter, either scoff, pick it up *it’s still corona time doe* but don’t start a fight, for, you never know! Littering is ILLEGAL, so even if you’re too lazy to find a trash can, your freedom could be stopped!

6. Not Putting Your Seatbelt

Sure, some people make a habit out of this, and, wooooahhhh, it ain’t a good one, especially if you’re a kid/tween/teen, it could get trouble for yo’ parents or even, God forbid, a car crash…stay safe Buzzers!

7. Downloading Music

Though Spotify, Deezer & Anghami have stopped people from ~illegally~ downloading music, some people still do, and that’s illegal, because singers want to make ~mooooooney~ out of their songs and also, copyright, copyright! Many services provide music downloading but they keep popping up and are ~hecka~ hard to stop, let’s hope the LEGAL ones live on…smh…

8. Eating Something Before You Buy It

In stores, there’s a slight chance people eat something before buying it, or they just eat it before…*umm* eating more? ~meaning some people don’t even pay and just eat and eat!~ And that’s illegal, if the shop has a cashier, then go pay, you can wait a few mins/seconds to get to the cashier to pay, don’t be lazy! Many people prefer to eat, pay, and leave. Which is a ~pretty~ plain tactic, but eyyyyy, your choice!

9. Jaywalking

This is a pretty annoying rule, but, uhhh, we ain’t the law! Because our explanations will sound like *gibberish*, Google says:

Jaywalking occurs when a pedestrian walks in or crosses a roadway that has traffic, other than at a suitable crossing point, or otherwise in disregard of traffic rules.

vs What We Would Have Said

Jaywalking is walking somewhere.


Anyways, it’s illegal for a bunch of reasons, in New York, originally, we presume! First of all, you can get hit, second, it bothers the ~will-be-honking~ cars!

Any of these things on your daily schedule, try to remove ’em, buddy, the law is da law!

Let’s hope these are scratched off, or at least scratched off for the future!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this!

If we have missed any illegal things, write them down below!


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