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Trahison. TRAHISON! Je n’en revenais pas. Pourquoi Ayame ferait une telle chose? Qu’est-ce que je lui ai fait? J’ai soupiré. Je pris une inspiration. J’ai eu besoin. J’ai eu besoin. J’ai eu besoin. Pour en savoir plus sur leur famille. J’avais aussi besoin de rentrer chez moi. Cependant, je n’ai rien de particulièrement intéressant dans mon domicile. Le vol était pour tout le monde. Avant de partir, j’ai sondé mon domaine. Sûr. C’est le moment de partir. Excusez mon français. J’essaie juste de m’entraîner. Nous avons tous nos particularités. J’avais cette soudaine envie inévitable de tout savoir sur leur famille. Alors je l’ai fait. Je suis une personne très petite. Soit dit en passant, l’introduction a été manquée. Ce n’est pas vain. Je dois me présenter. Surtout si vous voulez aider à découvrir le mystère. Mais encore une fois .. Ayame? Pourquoi elle? Pourquoi moi? Je ne sais pas … sa famille sordide? C’est putride. Disons simplement … continuer notre vie, oui? J’ai juste besoin de connaître leur famille! Je veux être comme Poirot, Marple, tous. Je ne suis pas. Je suis juste une personne désespérée. Découragé. Déprimé. J’ai juste besoin de savoir. Donc je pense que je devrais commencer …

English Translation:

Betrayal. BETRAYAL! I couldn’t believe it. Why would Ayame do such a thing? What have I done to her? I sighed. I drew a breath. I needed. I needed. I needed. To know more about their family. I also needed to go home. Though, I have nothing particularly interesting in my domicile. Robbery was for everyone. Before departing, I surveyed my domain. Safe. Time to move. Pardon my French. I am just trying to practice. We all have our idiosyncrasies. I had this sudden inevitable urge to know all there was to know about their family. So I did. I’m a very short person. By the way, introduction was missed. It is not futile. I need to introduce myself. Especially if you want to help uncover the mystery. But then again…Ayame? Why her? Why me? I don’t know…her sordid family? This is putrid. Let’s just…get on with our lives, yeah? I JUST NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THEIR FAMILY! I want to be like Poirot, Marple, them all. I’m not. I’m just a forlorn person. Despondent. Depressed. I just need to know. So I reckon I should start…

Saturday, 13th June 2020

I took the bus home. Took. Yep. That’s the word. I should introduce myself. Best I do it now. Suffice it to say, I am atypical, abnormal. My name is Bronywyn. I live in Barallera. Beauty of a town, to be laconic. That’s all. The rest is futile. After arriving home, I sat on the floor, reading the newspaper. You know how some news are fake? I hoped this one was…fake, too. But it wasn’t. 


Daughter of multi-millionaire banker found dead after sordid family drama turns into murder frenzy. Ayame Leethel, 11, was killed anonymously, how she was killed and why are questions that the police are baffled about. Researcher suspects Ms.Bronywyn Gallagher of murder, seemingly seeing her spying on the Dedlee-Leethels. Ayame Leethel is the youngest of the Leethels and the second youngest of the Dedlees (stepmother side). She was an introverted kid with no social status whatsoever, thus making it harder for the police to link her to people. Possible suspects include: The Leethels, The Dedlees, Ms.Gallagher, Butler Alve, Maid Meen and Nanny Dye. The prime suspect is Bronywyn Gallagher, a Barallerian spinster who lives in a house in Barallera Avenues. What rose to utter suspicion was the fact that Gallagher lives an hour away, thusly, causing her to spend 14 hours traveling forth and back per week. If you have seen anyone rather stout, then ask them their name. Please report to FIB in case of any peculiar activity. FIB are located yonder the Supa Supermarket.

I heard a bang at the door.

What now?

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    1. Hi Karen The Awesome! Yeah, this is one *cliffhanger*! Part 3 is coming either today or tomorrow, we’ll try our best to fit in more! 😉


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    1. Hey Romione! (guessing you are a Potterhead, from your name ;)) The first chapters are here it’s Chapter 1 to 3, we’re updating it soon and adding all the chapters together! Enjoy! Also, if you’re a fan of Hermione, then you might enjoy this 🙂

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