I have to escape! I can’t stay here, it’s a living HELL! They hurt me! Why? They hate me! Why? They want to kill me! That, I know. Because they want to steal my money without the cops finding out. Steal my soul, without Mrs. Bakerson finding out. They want .. me dead. So, I pack my bags tonight. I’m fleeing! ‘Oi! Shut up up there! I’m trying to sleep!’ Said Mrs. Camerina. But I couldn’t. I was too weak to stand up to her, and I couldn’t talk, something was stuck in my throat, so all that came out was, ‘Sorry, I’ll shut up.’ I said. What the heck?!? I shouldn’t apologise! It’s not my fault I’m making a racket! ‘Be quiet! I need my beauty sleep!’ Said Mrs. Camerina’s daughter, Brianna.

She was not as horrid as her mum, but she was still a pain. She didn’t hurt me, but she teased me. ‘Shush!! I’m trying to sleep!’ Said Bentley, Mrs. Camerina’s son. Not ONLY son, there was also Benjamin, and his twin, Brooke. They were my favourites! I wasn’t exactly RELATED to them.. they were my stepbrothers and stepsisters and stepmother! My dad died, 6 years ago.. and Mrs. Camerina was only nice when HE was there. Then, when he died, we were all sad and all, but when we slept that night, after his funeral, I could feel Mrs. Camerina smirking.. so slyly.

I knew she had something to do with his death, because it was so sudden!  Benjamin and Brooke are trying so hard to be loyal to their mother, but they wouldn’t DARE to snap at me! Or so I thought. ‘Shut up, you dummy!’ Ben said. ‘I’m sorry! I’ll make it up to you!’ I said. ‘Sissy!’ Said Ben. I sigh, and hurry up. I go down the stairs, as far away from the attic, my room, as possible. Someone pulls me, and I fall to the ground. I hear a swarm of voices, but I can’t place who’s who. I close my eyes. 

I’m falling. Crash. Off goes my suitcase. Boom. It blows up. I thud to the ground. The sky’s red. The trees, my suitcase, me. I’m bleeding. So hard.

‘WAKE UP, ROXY! ROXY!!!’ I hear a voice sob. I open my eyes. ‘ROXY!!!’ Brooke’s voice… she hugs me. ‘I heard a thud, what happened?’ Brooke asks. ‘I.. I..’ I can’t speak. ‘I’m glad you’re awake, Roxanne. You surely are injured, my poor dear!’ Says Mrs. Bakerson. ‘You… I.. Ben… fault… I … dream… red…’ I stammer, not fully recovered yet. ‘Roxy! Roxy?’ Says a young voice. A beautiful young woman enters my hospital room. ‘Oh, honey!’ She says. ‘Who are you?’ Asks Mrs. Camerina.

‘I’m Roxy’s biological mother.’

‘You’re what?’ Mrs. Bakerson ask.

‘Like I said, Roxy’s biological mother!’ She says. ‘That can’t be.’ Mrs. Bakerson. says, astonished. ‘It can. I have her files. Her birth certificate, everything. I heard Micheal died, 6 years ago..’ she says. ‘How do you know that?’ Mrs. Bakerson question her. ‘Like I said, Mrs. Bakerson, I’m her mother. I should be able to get her home in no time. All this London stuff.. ugh!’ Mom says. ‘Can I be the judge of this?’ I ask. ‘I’m going to quiz you. Get every answer right, I believe you, get even ONE question wrong, I’m staying here. OK?’ I say. ‘OK.’ ‘Mom’ replies. ‘My favorite food?’ I ask. ‘Chicken soup.’ Mom replies.

After a while…

‘Wow,’ Brooke says. ‘That’s all correct! Can I come live with you???’ Mom and I look at each other. ‘Yep,’ Mom says. I squeal. ‘She’s not related to you. So no.’ Says Mrs. Bakerson. For once, MRS. CAMERINA is nicer! ‘Actually,’ Mrs. Camerina gulps. ‘She is.’ WHAT?!? ‘And so’s Benjamin.’ She finishes. ‘Mom, is this true?’ I ask, knowing it’s not. ‘Well, umm, honey..’ She gulps. I gasp. ‘Yes. It’s true. Mrs. Camerina adopted them since we were poor and your dad and I didn’t have enough money, since he didn’t have a job, and mine didn’t pay well. She promised to take excellent care of them. I told her that I’d come back one day. And now, you three are all grown up.’ Mom says. Wow. ‘Yes, Benjamin and Brooke are now 6, and Roxy’s 9.’ I didn’t know my age. I’m 9?!? I thought I was ELEVEN!!!!

Taking care of 3 kids WAS going to be hard, and it turns out I didn’t HAVE twins! Brooke is a whole YEAR older than Benjamin! I also wanted to change their names.. I could, right? I don’t know… I’m just going to give them a new name! Ok…

Roxanne =  Hailey

Brooke = Abigail

Benjamin = Leo

They looked MUCH more like their new names! But of course, I DID know this would’ve occurred: LAW came! Of course! It’s always there! So, I decided just to change Brooke’s name, and they asked me some questions, like: why do you want to change your daughter’s name? You know, stuff like that. After, I told them the news! Benjamin was bummed, Roxy was HAPPY for Brooke, but Brooke didn’t like it so we kept the name Brooke instead!

Mom actually didn’t make a big fuss that Brooke didn’t want her name. And I took a handwriting class!! I’ve gotten so much better! Mom said, ‘You know, we all have things that we need to work on. But you…’ Not exactly. I need to work on learning to live in the luxury! But other than that, life’s great! It’s already been 3 whole years since I left that living Hell. Brooke and Benjamin turned 9, I’m 11, and Mom’s… umm… oh, 37. I’ve turned into a REAL American now! Mrs. Bakerson WASN’T so nice after all. But I don’t care about her, I have a better life now!

And I guess that that’s the finale!

Moni G


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    1. We know right!?!?! We always wait for her stories, but she spends so much time perfecting them and curating the words that they take some time, that happens with the best! AKA you guys 😉


      TheBuzz Team

  1. Oh, no, of course not! It’s just that this book I’m making is taking too much time, plus I have school and homework, and weekends to do that homework— yeah, you get it. I’m trying to make it as PERFECT 👌🏼 as possible! Good to know that you enjoy my books 😉 My next book will be coming ASAP!


  2. Thx, Bobo! I’ve got ~quite the fandom~ here, right? Welp, thanks all you guys for your amazing support! I’ll try to publish my book today!

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