Hey hey hey! Welcome back to the, *dun dun duuuuunnnnnn* Opinnnnnnnion Corna! Here, today, we have a new question!

BY DA WAY, we will be posting Opinion Corner questions more frequently, since our last one had loads of comments, check out the conversation here:

  1. Hello Anime fannnn, ooh I’m glad you have! Thank you very much! It’s our first story that’s based on a…

Soooo! This is Opinion Corner’s second stop this week and we’re asking:


What’s your favorite thing about Izzy’s Buzz and what should we add?

Comments are waiting down below! See you there! We reply ASAP!


TheBuzz Team


How about these guys?


    1. Haylo Karen! Aww, yeah, it SHOULD be for kids, because it’s made by 2 kids 😉 *me & Moni G*, we’ll try to add in more quizzes and more ~interactive~ articles! We designed this place as an *ESCAPE* from the world and we’re so happy that you use it like that too! :))))


      TheBuzz Team

  1. What I love SO much is that the various articles and stories are so unique and they’re like so cool and stuff! And I like the interviews and seeing different povs of stuff. It’s SO cool!

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