We’ve all heard of ‘btw’, ‘ttyl’ and ~those~ things, well, they actually set you up to fail. Sure, if you’re in a rush, a lil ‘gtg’ never hurt anyone – except you! If you ~live~ with abbreviations, then, you do you, but if you use them for texting and do that min. 1 a week, then, we’re here to help ;)!

Now, don’t start panicking, we panicked too, don’t worry! And, those abbreviations are NOT going to help anytime soon, so, let’s start!

Abbreviations are short forms of words used in texting, social media etc. And who needs social media?!?! Anyways, abbreviations, when used a lot, like ‘u’ or ‘r’ or ‘act’ etc…. well, they can harm you, not physically though!

Now, enough rambling, let’s get riiiiiiiight to it!

Abbreviations can affect your grades, because you’ll get so used to using abbreviations, you’ll start using them in school, which will affect how you write and the grades you get, which could lead to more *euhmm* sinister circumstances…!

Abbreviations can affect how you talk, no one wants to talk to someone who says things like, ‘K, lmk when u r done, afaik, u r not, hahaha’, right?!?! ~try doin it with a *sassy* voice for better results~ and that can affect school, home life, etc… and no one will understand you *or as the sassy person would say, ‘u’*

Abbreviations are just for the lazy, admit it, either you use abbreviations to show you are *cool* ~which you already are!~ or because you are too lazy *no offense* ! Would it hurt to write ‘you’ instead of ‘u’? *you’re probably thinking, ‘ehhhh’* Apart from the person you are texting, do this for YOU *u* not for us, not for anyone, but for YOUUUUU!!!!!

Abbreviations aren’t ‘cool’, sorry to break it to you Gretchen, but *abbrevs* are NOT cool, and saying ~fetch~ won’t change the world, sooo, euhmmmm, anyhoozle, abbreviations will make you sound ‘lazy’ and ‘careless’, rather than ‘cool’, first off, if you write *abbrevs* probably means you don’t care about the ~quality~ of words you text/tell that person, comin off as careless, and lazy, well, we both know why, though, no judgement, you do you <3

Abbreviations, what’s the point, seriously, what is the point? ‘Coolness’, ‘laziness’ or what??!?! Because, honestly, what’s da point? Is it just because you’re in a hurry, in a flurry, in a…a…ummm….uhhhhh….euhmmmmmm…. well, why????? Ask yourself that question, if it’s plausible and a POWERFUL, POWERFUL point *or strong*, then, well, you’ve got some backup, and a pretty good change in court!

Abbreviations just are short forms for words, and seriously, if you’re gonna put ‘abt’ for about, it won’t cost you anything to add 2 more letters!


TheBuzz Team


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    1. Ohhh, well hello der, KarenYouAwesome!!! Abbreviations, sorry to leave you, it’s been nice!

      Have a great day, yo yo yo!


      TheBuzz Team

  1. Whoa!!! my best friend always uses abbreviations and sometimes it’s really annoying since her grammar’s rubbish. sorry if you’re reading this, Amanda. but it’s true. and it’s sometimes really hard to understand her. plus her grades starting going down too, when she started using abbreviations. i’m not trying to annoy you, Amanda. just telling you the truth. the hard, annoying but TRUE truth. (i also need to work on my capital letters)

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