School is within reach and we have a whole GUIDE for you! So that you enter, all chill and happy :)))

First, mental refresh, here’s the calendar, so you can remember πŸ˜‰

August 2020

Also, if you press on the numbers with the line under em, you’ll see the articles we wrote dat day!

Now look up ‘songs’ down below, so you can find some song recommendations and make a ‘getting ready for school’ playlist :))))!

If you have a particular worry about going back to school, message us here, and then we’ll have advice, smiles and solutions comin your way πŸ˜‰

Now, even if every school requires different stationary, if you don’t have the list, just get these ready!

  • 5 pencils
  • 2 pens
  • An eraser
  • A sharpener
  • Felt tips or crayons
  • Some pieces of paper
  • Notebook for notes
  • 3 whiteboard markers
  • 3 highlighters, yellow should be one of ’em
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Gettin Ready – Academically!

If you’re 13-, or from 6-13, we recommend these books, they’ll help you get advanced πŸ˜‰


Get your lunch box *if you use one* and yo backpack or whatever bags or things you need to carry your ~stuff~

This should take a few mins, so get to it, Buzzer!

And lastly, relaxing a little…

Cmon, we all need a rest, and you, especially!

So, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite articles and books for you to enjoy :))))

  • ☝ eBook: Adopted As A Vlogger – Volume 1
    ✎ Story credits to @monica ✎ Characters created by @monica ☝ Design by @izzyv ⌨ Made with Canva ☟ Hello Buzzers! How have you guys been? Recently we posted just a small amount of articles, including a playlist one, some animemes, and some username ideas. Soon, we’ll have blog posts (which is the web theme …
  • 100 Username Ideas
    🌠 🌠 🌠 🌠 Running out of username ideas? ‘Tis is the problem people face today! Not to worry, Macbeth! Here are 100 username ideas! This (seemingly unavailing) post is not the product of a lack of ideas, it’s actual just something we wanted to do, and that stuck around in our drafts, and now, …
  • Emperor Augustus: An Overview
    Yello Buzzers and welcome to a new article : D Today we will be covering Emperor Augustus! This was originally a school project but I thought that there might be Buzzers that were somewhat interested in history/empires/emperors etc etc or had this project too and maybe this could help them. Please do not copy any …
  • 10 Great Hermione Granger Playlists
    Hermione Granger is one of the most loved Harry Potter characters in the HP universe, she is intelligent, loyal, brave and stands up for herself and her friends aaaaaand what she believes in. If she’s one of your favorite characters, maybe you’ll fancy some Hermione character playlists? (Sidenote: A lot of the playlists are ‘study …
  • 12 Animemes To Brighten Up Your Day
    If you’re a weeb or just an avid user of r/goodanimemes or like Reddit in general (cuz simply going on Reddit will almost guarantee you finding out about the animemes subreddit) you might enjoy laughing and looking at animemes, and thus, as every weeb and person should be able to laugh at a good animeme, …
  • How To Make A Harry Potter Playlist
    If you’ve seen our previous Harry Potter playlist article and the upcoming ones (well, you haven’t seen them of course, but they’re coming!) then you might want to make your own Harry Potter-themed playlist. It’s pretty simple to make one but we thought we’d give a small guide to anyone looking for it! Without further …
  • 8 Harry Potter Playlists Guaranteed To Interest Potterheads
    If you’re an avid Potterhead, there’s a high chance you’ve looked for Harry Potter playlists at least once or twice. At least. But…look no more! We’ve rounded up a small bunch of 10 Harry Potter playlists for you to enjoy anywhere…with Wi-Fi. Also, we’ll be posting a bunch of other articles pertaining to ‘character playlists’ …
  • 7 Most Underrepresented Harry Potter Characters
    Harry Potter is known to many people worldwide. Sure, if you go to, you’ll find that it’s one of the top fandoms. It’s a great fandom, but with a lot of underrepresented characters. Here, we’ll be over-representing them all! Here we go πŸ™‚ 1. Minerva McGonagall via GIPHY McGonagall, although mighty and caring, is …
  • Blog: Izzy’s Buzz Monthly Announcements
    Hello there, Buzzers Ello there, mates Ah bah, bonjour! Hola, amigos! Okay let’s stop with the generalizations, here! So, we had this idea to do a monthly announcement blog post, just to keep busy Buzzers in the loop! So that you can catch up with all at the last minute. We usually post this post …
  • 15 Harry Potter YouTube Videos To Cheer You Up
    If you’ve read our previous article, Going Back To School, then you’ll probably be aware of the fact that we’ll wholeheartedly miss the winter holidays, and thus, we thought perhaps a few Buzzers would agree. If you’ve been looking at our latest posts/articles, then you’ll see that we are engrossed with Harry Potter. And thus, …
  • 7 Signs You’re A Slytherin
    Wondering if you’re a Slytherin? House of the monotonous Snape, the prejudiced Malfoys, the gone-bad Voldemort. Well, as many times as you’ve done the Wizarding World (formerly Pottermore) house quiz, you might still have doubt. Time to erase it. Sidenote: In this article every ‘Slytherin‘ we write will be in bold, then we’ll count how …
  • Celebrating 100 Izzy’s Buzz Articles and Stories!
    π»π‘’π“π“π‘œ, π΅π“Šπ“π“π‘’π“‡π“ˆ! Today, 26th December also known as 2nd Christmas in the Buzzer community, we are celebrating 100 articles and stories! This morning, I woke up to this: And I thought, ‘THE AUDACITY!’ and thus decided to finish the article I was postponing, 7 Signs You Are A Hufflepuff, because I am working on Chapter …
  • 7 Signs You’re A Hufflepuff
    Hufflepuffs are very under-represented amongst the Hogwarts community. Students even go as far as saying that if you’re in Hufflepuff, ‘you might as well be a Muggle.’ Which is pretty insulting, especially as one of our Izzy’s Buzz authors (pshhh…I’m saying ‘one of our authors’ like we have staff, we’re 2 people!) @monica aka Moni …
  • Here Is An Izzy’s Buzz Article Without Any Edits And All The Spelling and Grammar Mistakes
    Wwell hello there Buzzers. And welcome to a new Izzy;s Buzz article, this article is with all the spelling and grammar mistakes that we make. Since we edit our articles o make t=syre they don’t ahve qny mistakes, here is oe with all the mistakes we make. For examkle, if we press on another ketter …
  • Harry Potter Discussion Corner!
    Hello Buzzers! If you are a Potterhead, well hell-oooo there! If you are not, then you can check this out! I’ve found that many Potterheads, or, frankly, people that are fandom-obsessed have little people to chat to about their chosen fandom. No matter how many fans, it’s not like these fans are always around, anyways. …
  • Opinion Corner: Harry Potter | Was The Time-Turner A Good Move?
    If you’re a Potterhead, you’ve probably already watched/read the movies/books, then you probably have strong opinions on certain aspects of it. But Hermione’s ‘time-turner’ McGonagall gifted to her in her first year has not been seen as very ‘beneficial’, let’s just say! Many fans have made memes about Hermione not using her time turner to …
  • Merry Christmas
    Hello, Buzzers! How is Christmas so far? If your family isn’t awake yet, or there’s a reason why you can’t ‘start Christmas’ then this ‘article’ will suit you, too! Well, more so blog post than article! Christmas is a pretty neat celebration. You get sugar (hehe), presents and maybe the occasional Christmas movie. Every reason …
  • 5 Little-Known Blogs To Check Out
    Unpopular blogs are nice. Why? Because there are less chances of tons of ads and constant ‘follow us,’ ‘buy this,’ ‘sign up.’ Izzy’s Buzz is a blog, too! Plus, little-known blogs are less likely to be driven by money and fame, and more likely to be a small pastime or a hobby from the blogger. …

So, those 18 articles are all for you, enjoy em!

If you’re not much of an article person, join the conversations here!

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