School is within reach and we have a whole GUIDE for you! So that you enter, all chill and happy :)))

First, mental refresh, here’s the calendar, so you can remember ๐Ÿ˜‰

August 2020

Also, if you press on the numbers with the line under em, you’ll see the articles we wrote dat day!

Now look up ‘songs’ down below, so you can find some song recommendations and make a ‘getting ready for school’ playlist :))))!

If you have a particular worry about going back to school, message us here, and then we’ll have advice, smiles and solutions comin your way ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, even if every school requires different stationary, if you don’t have the list, just get these ready!

  • 5 pencils
  • 2 pens
  • An eraser
  • A sharpener
  • Felt tips or crayons
  • Some pieces of paper
  • Notebook for notes
  • 3 whiteboard markers
  • 3 highlighters, yellow should be one of ’em
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Gettin Ready – Academically!

If you’re 13-, or from 6-13, we recommend these books, they’ll help you get advanced ๐Ÿ˜‰


Get your lunch box *if you use one* and yo backpack or whatever bags or things you need to carry your ~stuff~

This should take a few mins, so get to it, Buzzer!

And lastly, relaxing a little…

Cmon, we all need a rest, and you, especially!

So, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite articles and books for you to enjoy :))))

  • S1EP3: Back to school (+music!) (blog post #3)
    Heyo Buzzers! How have you guys been? I’ve been in school for (almost) the whole day with the Tokyo Ghoul opening stuck in my head, hehe ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s been a really nice day! I’ll soon get my own lockers, and we’re not a big class so that’s all really cool! Buuuut, enough about me, how …
  • Song of the Day / 30 Aug
    Hey guys! Today was the first day of the second year of middle school, so I’ll be posting some back to school ~stuff~ prettyyy soon ! Also, if you didn’t notice Moni G released one of her lo-fi songs yesterday!! It’s reallyyy good, you can check it out on the link above ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is …
  • S1EP2: Pre-end of holidays (blog post #2)
    Hello! While I’m waiting to eat, I decided to pack my bag for school and then write a bit ! So technically this is my last day of 2021 summer holiday, so I wanted to celebrate by writing a small article before! It might be a bit short because I have to go soon, but …
  • Song of the Day / 29 Aug
    Heyo! You probably already know, but we’re starting school tomorrow :/ soooo we’ve decided to add in a song we REALLY REALLY like to brighten things up! Enjoy ( อกโ›โ€ฏโ–ฟ อกโ›) SONG OF THE DAY | EVERYDAY UNTIL 1 SEP | BEING UPDATED At the moment, I’ve been listening to this song A LOT, it’s …
  • LO-FI: Moni G’s ‘rainy days’
    Hey Buzzers! Tomorrow I’m starting school again so I’ve decided to finally post Moni’s GREAT Lo-fi riiight before it started! Moni G really likes making songs and writing stories, as you can see throughout Izzy’s Buzz, recently she released a new story! You can check it out here ๐Ÿ™‚ Feel free to review it in …
  • S1EP1: Genshin (+video games and back to school)! (blog post #1)
    Hello Buzzers! Since I am very bored and have nothing better to do than play video games (and I’ve already played for HOURS today, I’ll play more later lol) I’ve decided to finally start a ‘small’ series I’ve been “messing” around with, a ‘blog post’ series, usually I fill this website with memes, songs, recommendations, …
  • August Updates (upcoming articles and more!!)
    (let’s hope this video works!!! *fingers crossed*) Heyoooo! It’s August (yeah you obviously know) and school is looming closer every day…anyhoozle, we’re just making a quick post to update you guys on what’s happened this month and what’s coming, so like a mid-month (kinda) ‘Monthly Announcements/Updates’ so here you go! Firstly, take a look at …
  • Song of the Day / 17 Aug
    Heyo! Welcome to todayyy’s song, where we feature yet ANOTHER special song! There’s no singing included, too. Enjoy! SONG OF THE DAY | EVERYDAY UNTIL 1 SEP | BEING UPDATED Sometimes, when I write a ‘review’ for Song of the Day, I like to listen to the song whilst writing it (not all the time, …
  • Song of the Day / 16 Aug
    Today we have another song! This song is pretty popular and has a lot of coincidences behind it, so let’s start! SONG OF THE DAY | EVERYDAY UNTIL 1 SEP | BEING UPDATED This song by Ava Max, which I read a bit about on Wikipedia to learn more about, is apparently the ‘first single …
  • Song of the Day / 15 Aug
    Heyo and welcome to annnnother SOTD! Today, we have a special song lined up, although not requested, still a special feature! SONG OF THE DAY | EVERYDAY UNTIL 1 SEP | BEING UPDATED Hello! If you’re a fan of indie, or music, you probably know Lorde, a lot of people know her from her ‘Melodrama’ …
  • Song of the Day / 14 Aug
    Hello, today we’ll need to be a lil brief due to a short amount of time :/ Anyways, enjoy the song! SONG OF THE DAY | EVERYDAY UNTIL 1 SEP | BEING UPDATED Most people know Amy Winehouse and it’s okay if you don’t, and if so, then I hope you’ll enjoy this song and …
  • Song of the Day / 13 Aug
    Hello everybody! Today I’m in a good mood because I just won a Valorant match ๐Ÿ˜€ Lol anyways, today we have a special song prepared, enjoy! SONG OF THE DAY | EVERYDAY UNTIL 1 SEP | BEING UPDATED Heyo once again! Although the song (based on the above song cover) might not seem like a …
  • [special feature!!!] Song of the Day / 12 Aug
    Hello! I’m in Dubai again!! Yayy!! Today I’ll just be unpacking and watching ‘She-Ra’ so only this post today! I’ll also be a bit busy in the 2 following days, so sorry about that! I’ll probably post more on the 15th/16th and then on! Enjoy SONG OF THE DAY | EVERYDAY AT 7AM EST | …
  • Song of the Day / 11 July
    Hi guys, today I’ll be flying back to Dubai, so this might be short :/ sorry about that ! Please, enjoy the song nonetheless! Yesterday I said I wouldn’t be able to post, but I managed to lodge in some time ๐Ÿ™‚ SONG OF THE DAY | EVERYDAY AT 7AM EST | ENDS 1 SEP …
  • Song of the Day / 10 July
    Hi Buzzers! Tomorrow I won’t be able to post anything on Izzy’s Buzz, so I’ll prepare this post today, on the 9th of July, I hope you cab still enjoy the song! SONG OF THE DAY | EVERYDAY AT 7AM EST | ENDS 1 SEP Although I think ‘BANG!’ made AJR more popular, this song …
  • Song of the Day / 9 Aug
    Hello Buzzers, today we have a brand new song! Today is my last day at my grandparent’s house :/ so I might not post a lot today, sorry about that :/ SONG OF THE DAY | EVERYDAY AT 7AM EST | ENDS 1 SEP My sister found this song at someone’s bday party and she …
  • Song of the Day / 8 Aug
    Hello! Today we’re online a lot so we decided to post more articles than usual and fix up ones with mistakes ๐Ÿ™‚ You can check out our Grimes article, too! SONG OF THE DAY | EVERYDAY AT 7AM EST | ENDS 1 SEP I really like soul/funk music so I was searching for a playlist …
  • Griiiiiimeeeesss…!!
    AHHHHHHHH okokokokok so technicallllyyyyy we got ‘Medieval Warfare’ from Suicide Squad OST, it was g o o d, buuuut THE SINGLES AND THE ALBUM!!!!! One day I hopped onto the French music app ‘Deezer’ and I found that Grimes had released a song, ‘Medieval Warfare,’ which was included in the SS soundtrack, I got really …

So, those 18 articles are all for you, enjoy em!

If you’re not much of an article person, join the conversations here!

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