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Homework Help: Quick Homework Extinguishing with Izzy’s Buzz ;)!

As mentioned in this post, we’re helping you out with your homework! From Thursday nights to Saturday evenings, drop in your homework in the comments (just write down the question or instruction you have in the comments, no PDFs, links or images please!), and us or other helpin Buzzers will help you! All you have …

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An Homage To A Witty Justice-Bringer: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

May you Rest In Peace, RBG. Yesterday, (we’re not sure at what time it was, unfortunately) Jurist Ruth Bader Ginsburg left our Earth. At the age of 87, almost 9 decades, Ruth passed away due to “complications from metastatic cancer of the pancreas.” Source: NPR. Many ‘world-shapers’ have deceased, and homages have been exchanged, tributes …

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How Was Back To School :)? Opinion Corner ;)

Haylo Buzzers! Long time no see! Most have started back to school in the past 2 weeks and we were wondering how it went! Was it sad, too restricted, fun? Feel free to comment anything you want! You probably know how Opinion Corner works, and if you don’t, well, here is a short brief: We …