Even if studies and *correct* opinions show that homework actually does more bad than good, we still get it – I mean come on schools! Get a clue, we’re pretty sure you have a phone or a computer to research homework’s uselessness!!!

Apart from that drastically opinionated rant, homework is still here, and the best way to make it go away is to finish it – quickly ;).

Speaking from ~experience~, homework on the 2nd week *for us* is 5-6 hours, which is *WAAAAYYYY* too much for a middle schooler *note: I did do some extra work for 2 hours, so dat’s on me, buuuuuuuuuuut they shouldn’t make us suffer for good grades!!!*

SOOOOOOO, apart from the above *possibly annoying* rantsssss, here are your 6 *may I add, GREAT* ways to finish dat *HIDEOUS* pile quickly!

And, yes, homework is not ~beautiful~ *if ya can say dat about paper*

  1. Listen To Some Inspirational Music!

Music is a BIIIIIG booster when procrastination gets the better of ya!

Here are a few songs to get you finishing it!

  • Fight Song
  • Umbrella
  • Firework
  • Roar
  • Good As Hell

Or check out this amazing song recommendation list!

2. Break It Up

Break up each parts, for example, allot 30 minutes for Maths, and if you don’t finish, move on to the next, then come back and finish up, if you break it up into smaller pieces, it’s easier!

3. Start With The Hardest

Start with the hardest, so that it’s over and done with, and finish with the easiest, it’ll be funner and easier to go through the rest once the burden is chopped down, stomped on and murdered with a big fat A 😉

The easiest will be even easier, once you know that the annoying bits are out of the way!

4. Schedule

For example, Friday/Thursday night is English and Science, Friday is Biology or History or what have you, Saturday is this and Sunday is that, don’t rush through everything in a day, that adds even more pressure!

5. Loopholin’

Find loopholes in the homework instructions, for example, if they say complete pages 1-4, pretend you saw a comma and just do page 1 and 4!

Also, if you have a problem finding a loophole, put your homework in the comments, and we (or other Buzzers) will help you!

This could potentially get you in trouble, buuuutttt, you only have one childhood and 2 days of weekend, sooo…

If you don’t want to get in trouble, try the other techniques!

6. Pomodoro Technique

Work for 20 minutes, then get a 5 minute break, work for 20 minutes, 5 min break, until you’ve got through that WHOOOOOOOLE *may I add, ugly* stack :).

Pomodoro means ‘tomato’ in Italian, and the little kitchen timers are in the shape of tomatoes and related to time, thus the name!

Ok, fellow homework buddies, we’ve got an upcoming Homework Help section where you can post your homework, and we’ll try our very best to *help* you! Make sure to check out for that!


TheBuzz Team


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    1. Hey CarlyCookieCrumbs *by the way, have any cookie crumbs left?*, the loopholin is definitely the best – and funnest! Inspirational Music works wonders, and is definitely the one that works best! Enjoy your time at Izzy’s Buzz!


      TheBuzz Team

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