Let’s go stargazing,

Maybe we’ll see an asteroid,

Maybe we’ll meet a Martian,

Maybe we’ll die in a void,

Maybe we’ll see a shooting star,

Even if it’s just an asteroid,

Maybe we’ll eat cucumber sandwiches,

Taking pictures with your Polaroid,

Maybe we’ll pick flowers,

Daisies, my favourite,

Meet a star and make it ours,

Maybe we’ll sit on grass,

And bring your friend’s flannel blankets,

We’ll bring cups made of glass,

And drink grape juice,

With our old McDonald straws,

Chatting and eating passionfruit mousse,

We’ll bring our flip flops,

And our purple torch,

That we find on your porch,

We’ll bring a basket,

To put everything in,

Then we’ll prepare everything,

And we’ll wait til 10,

Then we’ll look up,

Looking at the stars,


The Moon,


And Venus,

And the observable universe,

Not using telescopes,

But our eyes,

Let’s look up,

Til we can’t take it anymore,

That’s unlikely,

Looking up is always better than looking down,

I prefer the Moon than grass,

And looking up,

Looking up,

Heals me.

Buzzers, what’d you think of our poetry, we’re trying to change with styles so upcoming poems will be a bit different!


TheBuzz Team


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    1. Aww thanks, Ice Cream Kitty *where can we get this ice cream?* There are tons of new poems coming up as part of the new Category, ‘Poetry, A Collection’, and if you have any poems, feel free to send us, we’ll feature them in a special article!


      TheBuzz Team

  1. Sweeeeet poetry! You’re better than Manny ~ news flash – Modern Family ~ and like, soooooooooo much better!!!!!!!

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