Haylo there, Buzzers! If you’ve read our ‘Books Should Be A Right, Not A Privilege’, then we’ve given a few hints about the ‘Buzzer’ language! Like we speak fluent Elvish *judge away ;)*, an Izzy’s Buzz language just between us Buzzers seemed like a pretty cool thing! Thus, we’ve prepped an alphabet along with a few useful sentences in Buzzer to help you! This language can be used everywhere, and if you comment using Buzzer, we’ll reply using Buzzer ;)!

Without further ado, here is da alphabet!

A = Y *pronounced ‘why’*

B = H

C = P

D = B

E = K

F = J

G = N

H = M

I = O

J = L

K = A

L = C

M = F

N = Q

O = S

P = E

Q = T

R = V

S = Z

T = W

U = D

V = G

W = X

X = R

Y = I

Z = U

In this language, there are no exceptions or ‘irregular’ words. We want to make this language as simple as simple to decipher as Morse code!

For words that sound different that they are spelled, all you have to do is spell out the letters, because, as aforementioned there are no exceptions, so should, will be spelt zmsdcb. There is no special way to write sh or mn, and every word is just translated, but not too complex.

Here are a few useful phrases!

Also, in Buzzer, the only word that is not spelt according to the Buzzphabet is ‘Hello’, which is spelt ‘Haylo’!


Hello = Haylo (check above for explanation)

Thanks = Wmyqaz *pronounced we-mee-kaz*

Thank you = Wmyqa isd *pronounced wuh-mee-qa-izd*

How are you? = Msx yvk isd *pronounced musux-eevkuh-izd*

Farewell *trust us, it’s very useful, mwahahaha* = Jyvkxkcc *pronounced jiv-kux-kay-see-see*

No = Qs *pronounced k-s*

Ok = Sa *pronounced ess-ah*

Yes = Ikz *pronounced ik-ze*

If there are any words you want to translate, I’m your dude*ette*! Just write down da word below and we’ll translate ASAP!!

So, what’d you think of the Izzy’s Buzz language, Buzzer? Ze comments are waiting! 😉


TheBuzz Team


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