IT’S GIRLS DAY, PEOPLE! Get those cupcakes a-bakin!

Int’l Girls Day is meant to celebrate girls, along with their rights, their recognition and everything intended to celebrate girls! This day is very much needed in a world where girls are stigmatized regularly.

Gender equality is still around, so let me name a few names who’ve helped!

  • Simone De Beauvoir
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • Alice Paul
  • Mary McLeod Bethune
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Rose Schneiderman
  • Maud Wood Park
  • Margaret Sanger
  • Molly Dewson
  • and thousands more…

All these women had to fight for women’s rights, just so that they could have equality.

As an example, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and other female law students were constantly scolded and discriminated for no particular reason, just because they were women. What is this teaching young girls? UN Women have written an amazing article further elucidating this day :)!

Press here for the UN Article!

It has videos, further explanations, points and more! Today, you can celebrate Girls Day by spreading the information or sharing the above UN article!

UNICEF is launching a campaign to raise their voices and spread the word like chocolate on bread! Encouraging girls to break gender norms, which shouldn’t even exist in the first place, girls everywhere are doing soi-disant ‘jobs for men’.

Ways You Can Spread The Word

  1. Check the UN link and watch and share some of the videos/links/etc.
  2. Do some research on Women’s Rights and tell everyone you know!
  3. Share the UN link.
  4. Join online Women’s Rights activism e-campaigns.
  5. Make a presentation to show your class!
  6. Make posters and put them up.
  7. Tell your parents and tell them to share the word too!
  8. Post it on social media (if you use it.)
  9. Spread awareness in the comments.
  10. YELL IT OUT OF YOUR WINDOW, *prepare a short speech prior to the scream-a-thon*

Links To Learn More! 🙂

This is UN’s Girls Day Article, filled with videos, links and explanations!

This is the UNICEF link that outlines every point and includes videos too!

This is the Plan International link that provides an elucidative view on Girls Day!

We hope that we’ve spread awareness about Girls Day, remember to spread awareness and check out all the links!

Happy Girls Day!!!!


TheBuzz Team


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  1. I love your website, I am a fan too and thanks for reminding us that it is the international Girl day….Yeah a GAL day! Happy Gal day Izzy!

    1. Haylo, Kzed! Welcome to the curious, often weird and fantastical/sci-fi-ical world of Izzy’s Buzz! Happy Gal Day, Kzed!


      TheBuzz Team

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