A gem, far far away,

Out of reach,

Isn’t it?

They say

I’m tired, I’m going to go to bed

I’m not.

Mars won’t leave, check again tomorrow.

They say

What if it does?

What if the chance leaves?

Should you take the opportunity?

It’ll leave one day,

Tomorrow is never promised, I want to enjoy what little time I have left,

I reply,

You’re in your early 10s,

You have years!

Do I?
Pardon me, but it is not because I am younger than you that I will live longer,

They leave,

As they should,


Tell me, sweet red,

That one day’ll

I’ll see you,


We hope you’ve enjoyed this poem and special shoutout to @Ice Cream Kitty for asking for more! More articles coming!


TheBuzz Team


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  1. yay tysm for da shoutout ! Izzy u da best ! luv u and I am ALWAYS curious as this website is for curious people and I am da number 1 fan ! Best website in da universe ! 💕👌✨😎

    1. Hey there Ice Cream Kittay! Da best? Aww, but how can me be when YOU are! Keep that curiosity a-growing! Best website? What if Neptune has a better one? 😉


      TheBuzz Team!

  2. yayayyayayayayayyayay! I SO BADLY want to be an astronaut!!!!!! This is so sweet to make a poem about Mars!!!! Do you wanna visit space too? It’s my dream!!!! I want to say, ‘THANKS!!!!!’ to my sister for showing me Izzy’s Buzz!!! Keep it up!!!!


    1. Yayayyayayayayayyayay! Being an astronaut is such a great job! Sooo, we talkin NASA or SpaceX? 😉 “It’s so sweet to make a poem about Mars!” Oh, how so? 🙂 You got some sweeeettt dreams there, Hazelnut *and out of this world! ;)* You’re sister showed you? SHOUTOUT TO HER!!!!! MARS FOREVER!!!



  3. I love all you post but when in saw this * Wow 🤩! They reaaaally are te best website ever* keep up all you great work!😜🥳🤪

    1. Awwww, thanks! Best website ever?!?! What if Venus has a better one? Enjoy the fantastical world of Izzy’s Buzz!


      TheBuzz Team

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