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Oct 12, 2020 | Day 3 | Today’s Fact

You can’t hum while holding yo’ nose!

We both know you just tried it. No need to lie ;).

So, we’d categorize dat fact as ‘cool’, because it’s interactive *like that Netflix Boss Baby special!*, what would you categorize it as?

We hope you enjoyed today’s fact, and see you tomorrow!


TheBuzz Team


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  1. Not only that! Some children & adults are sick and need surgery to get better but don’t have enough money for it! I feel so bad for these people with problems! 😖

    1. Sigh. At least you’ve got a big heart, Bobo! Don’t worry, your comments can be irrelevant to the post, we don’t mind! If you want to talk to us or recommend an article idea, then you can contact us from da email on the contact page!


      TheBuzz Team

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