Asteroid VP1 2018 (yep, that year) is coming on US Election Day (remember to vote, Americans!) and suspicions are that it might wipe out every thing on Earth, you included. Yeah, right. An institution*Zwicky Transient Facility* that is dedicated to observing everything around the Earth located this mischievous dude year(s) ago and chances are, human extinction is near. Worry not, human. Not this time. The asteroid, like the asteroid last time that sped right past Earth, will just speed past, and if you’re lucky enough and own a Galileo Telescope, you’ll catch it.

The asteroid’s chance of affecting Earth is about 0.41%, which isn’t even a whole number, thus chances you’ll be impacted are exceedingly low.

The reason this article is short is because we believe in a little something we call ‘quick news’. News shouldn’t be jargon-filled boredom jars where they go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on, and so on. 😉

Asteroid Specifics

It will come to earth at 21,300 mph! Oof – every human. It was last seen in Nov 2018, but no sign of it since ):. Could say it’s 7feet in diameter, but you should doubt everything the internet – everything. Even what we say. Doubt EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING! Or else, your head will be filled with society-instilled lies. Be an alien in a world of humans. Okay, good to get that out! The asteroid has a solar elongation of about 165 degrees (from our sources). Solar elongation is the amount of space between the aforementioned asteroid (could be other) and the sun, hence the name, solar (sun) elongation (length, kinda.) Feel free to ask for elucidative specifics in the comments or the contact page.


We’ll receive it near us on the 2nd November, plus or minus. Sentry Risk Table estimates a 1 in 240 chance of it impacting us. To think, if it weren’t for the tech and our ancestors, we’d be worried out of our minds by the thought of extinction. Mind-blowing.

Asteroids Vs Comets – Brief

Comets and asteroids are often mistaken for the same thing. If only it were that easy. Asteroids are parts of comets, comets have asteroids, which are part of them, simple. There is an upcoming Izzy’s Buzz article about Asteroids vs Comets and more about the Fourth Dimension and the Fermi Paradox. Keep an eye out *keep it in*.


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