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If you’re not sure what Fact of Ze Day is, let us introduce you!

Fact of Ze Day is a daily post where we’ll write one fact about something weird, groovy, cool or gross. Every day, a new fact will enter your mind! Instead of scrolling through all the Buzzah posts, we have a Facts of Ze Day category so that you’ll see it all!

Now, ooooon to today’s factioso!

Oct 17, 2020| Day 8 | Today’s Fact

Forget what you learned at school. We don’t have 5 senses, we have roughly around 20, plus or minus. The 5 you and I learned at school are part of the list, but the amount is too low. For example, we sense thirst (in us, of course ;), pressure and pain, to name 3 more.

Very interesting. *adds to Fact Library in Brain*

So, going to test out those 20 senses? If you do, enjoy! We hope you were shocked/mesmerized/amazed/oh-cool-ed/woah-ed at today’s fact! See you tomorrow, Buzzers!


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