Weyl, hey-low there, Buzzahs! 2day we are interviewing Izzy’s Buzz author and novelist Moni G! You’ll learn about her favorite food, color, and some tricks! Moni G already has 4 stories posted on Izzy’s Buzz, and they are 100% free, because books are for everyone. Say it with us!

You can check out her stories here:

She’s got some more coming soon, so without further ado, let’s interview Moni G!

  1. What is your favorite nickname someone has given you?

Um, my favourite nickname would probably be…Moni!

2. What are your preferred pronouns?

Uhh, she/her 🙂

3. What is Moni G short for?

Monica Gold!

4. What’s your favorite color?

Pumpkin orange!

5. And…your favorite animal?

My favourite animal would be a toad or a frog!

6. Food?

Tacos :p

7. TV show and/or movie?

Hmmm, Hunter x Hunter, really recommended, guyss!

8. Your favorite book or book series!

One Of Us Is Lying, it is the GOAT ney ney

9. Your favorite celebrity!

Oh, um. Um. Sofia Vergara or Mark from NCT.

10. Why do you write stories?

I write stories to entertain. Entertain, and sometimes inspire too.

11. What’s your favorite snack? (we all need inspiration…!)

Chocolate *she says passionately*

12. What are your TOP 3 pastimes?

Writing, reading and listening to music.

13. Top 3 songs?

Make A Wish by NCT, Watercolour by Whee In and last but not least, BOSS by NCT

14. What is your motivation to write stories?

Um, my motivation to write stories is probably because I want to be an author when I grow up and I like to inspire people with them, but sometimes entertaining is nice too.

15. Why do you publish your stories for free on Izzy’s Buzz?

Uh, because I don’t want people to have to pay to read a story, because stories are for everyone!

16. How long does it typically take you to write one story?

Probably a week or two! Sorry for taking so long on my stories these days, because I’m writing two at the moment and it’s hard to like, balance both!

17. Any tips for writer’s block?

Um, well I like to listen to music and probably read stories for inspiration, and watching TV sometimes helps too.

18. What are 3 steps to a good story?

Well, um, a good title, like, uh, um, how do you say? Like the introduction has to make you want to read the story. And like, nice, uh um, endings!

19. Favourite anime show?


20. Do you go to school?


21. Can you give us a hint about upcoming stories?

Sure! So, the first one is about migration, because we’re learning about migration at school and it really inspired me to write this story! And the second one is about, like, having a second chance to redo your life. It’s a bit out there, but like, I enjoyed writing it!

22. Are your stories based on personal life, or TV influences, or book inspiration, street art etc etc.

Most of the time they are from books, well I take ideas from books, well, not exactly take just a few small ideas.

23. If you could be any character from one of your stories, who would it be?

Uhm, Kennedy from Adopted As A Vlogger, Volume 1 !

24. Why that character?

Because she inspires me, I admire her confidence, and sort of how she’s adopted, like, not like her family but she somehow fits in.

25. How many stories are you planning to write and thus publish by the end of the year?

Around 20. Because, I, like, have a lot of inspiration these days, to write stories. And I’m about to publish two. So 16 to go! Wish me luck!

26. Who is your favourite author? And are they your muse? Inspiration?

Emma Shevah. I particularly like her book, Dara Palmer’s MAJOR Drama. It inspires me to write a Volume 2 or even 3 of Adopted As A Vlogger. Because Dara was adopted and so was Kennedy, they refer to one another. No, she’s not exactly a muse, but it’s still sort of an inspiration.

27. Are any of your stories dedicated to someone?

Yes, um, to Izzy, my sister, who runs this awesome website! And, uh, it’s nice to like entertain her with my stories, too!

28. Describe yourself in 3 words!

Extroverted, short-tempered, haha, aaaaaaaaand, hmm…kinda nice but kinda mean too!

29. Any Izzy + Moni posts coming up soon? As in, a collaboration story or challenge?

Haha, um, probably yeah. But I don’t know if I’m allowed to tell you, so shhh! 😉

30. What’s one thing you wanna say to the Buzzahs? 🙂

Thanks for supporting me and liking and commenting and reading my stories! And for reading on Izzy’s Buzz, aaand, thank you! *laughs*

Thanks for reading the Moni G Interview!

Also, hint hint, look out for multiple Izzy x Moni collaborations, they are coming your way!


TheBuzz Team!


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  1. Whoaaa!!!!! Thanks for thissssss!!!!!! Smart of you to think of interviewing!! *I’m reading the MONI X IZZY CHALLENGE AT THE MOMENT!!!!*


  2. Haha, don’t worry, Karen! Izzy’s just editing it and all, so it will take some time, but she promises to finish it ASAP!

    Moni G 😛

  3. Hey Izzy! Hey Moni! I’ve almost finished my Vegas Family drawings! Just 3 more to go! 😁, before I get to the main part of this message I just wanna say to all the girls who use Izzysbuzz.com, HAPPY 2 DAYS AFTER GIRLS DAYYYYYY! Okay so I was thinking that since Moni makes stories she might need an illustrator! If you agree with this idea, just message me! I’d love to be part of the Izzy team!

    1. Hey Bee (sorry for the late reply) ! Ooh, that’s really cool 🙂 thank you !!! YAYYYY (I know I’m late but still) Oooh I’ll check with Moni and she’ll probably agree, feel free to contact us via our email on the contact page! You can send it to us there 🙂 Sure ! You can illustrate Moni’s stories, I’ll just tag her so that she sees this (super sweet) message ! @monicag You can work with Moni G on illustrating characters for already published stories and upcoming ones (I know that Moni G has been really busy making brand new stories for you guys :)))



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