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Our ~Not-So-Great~ Escape

 “MOM!” I shout, annoyed. “Zack’s at it again!” Mom sighs, and comes up the stairs. “What now?” She asks. I turn around, point at Zack, glaring daggers at him. I could feel my crystal blue eyes shining. Mom tosses her short blonde hair. “He stole MY journal!” I stomp, furiously shouting. Zack grins mischievously. “Ooh, now …

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Updates & News: 2020 US Presidential Elections

Since my class and I have made quite a big buzz about it *talked about who would win Pennsylvania while playing Bulldog*, I thought Buzzers would be interested in it too! And thus I have collected information, poll data, and data from credible sources *CNN, The Guardian, Financial Times etc* to show you how it’s …

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11 ~Anime-Themed~ Songs That Made Todoroki Smile

If you are an avid listener to all kinds of music like we are, then you’ll appreciate this *anime-themed* playlist *spotify* for you to enjoy these songs! We won’t ramble on too much, so here are the songs! 1. Bae City Rollaz by Yung Bae 2. Pastel by Moe Shop n’ Snail’s House 3. BonBon …