If you are an avid listener to all kinds of music like we are, then you’ll appreciate this *anime-themed* playlist *spotify* for you to enjoy these songs!

We won’t ramble on too much, so here are the songs!

1. Bae City Rollaz by Yung Bae


2. Pastel by Moe Shop n’ Snail’s House

3. BonBon by omniboi

4. Neverland by Trifect

5. ラ・ム・ネ by Snail’s House

6. Pixel Galaxy by Snail’s House

7. Cerise by Moe Shop

8. You Look So Good by Moe Shop

9. Usagi Funk by Night Tempo

10. Secret Senshi by Desired

11. Hot Milk by Snail’s House

These are all via Spotify, but if you use something different to stream music, then search up these titles there!

Some songs have been recommended by this Spotify account: Moni G, go follow her and check out her playlists!

Enjoy the songs!


TheBuzz Team


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