Death Note, Death Note, Death Note…Haven’t got one but love the manga! Death Note is a manga and anime and live action movie *no comment* about a teenage boy named Light Yagami aka Kira who gets his hands on a magical notebook. Whoevers name you write in it will die, as far as possible, if you write ‘cancer’ for a perfectly healthy person, it won’t work. And so yeah there’s a lot of adventure from there!

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*no spoilers*

5/5 – Light Yagami (KIIIIRA)

Since we couldn’t find a copyright free picture of Light Yagami, look at this one.

Light’s weird but successful methods of concealing the fact that he is indeed, Kira, are genius-level and make you realize how his god complex even started. One phrase of his is not deliberately funny yet relevant and if you consider yourself a true Death Note fan then you should know it:

I’ll take a potato chip…and eat it!

– Light Yagami, Death Note

The way he concealed that he was Kira throughout the whole story, with some bumps…*bumps*…is actually really surprising for a 17-19 year old…!

Also considering he did all this while under his dad’s suspicion, and L’s. And while studying to pass the entrance exam to get into university, then dealing with a clingy girl etc etc…It’s not like life was all chill and potato chips *geddit? heheheh* …

4/5 – Mello (Miheal Keelh)

We couldn’t find a copyright free image here either, so here is a picture of Mello *without the W, haha!* Mello considers Near his sworn enemy, because he wants to catch Kira, and will do ‘whatever it takes’ to take Near down and beat Kira (Light Yagami) himself.

He is in the Mafia, and uses this to his power, he creates elaborate plans to get where he wants and always has a chocolate bar in hand. He may not be smarter than L, Light or Near, but he’s cunning, and wayyyyy better social-wise.

3/5 – Near (Nathaniel Rivers)

Click here to know how Near/Nate/Nathaniel looks like.

Although not as smart as L. Near’s got his own set of skills. Many people have said he is trying to be like L too much, but he doesn’t *siT* the same way nor does he eat as much candy or copy the same habits. He plays with toys while saying some of the most sagacious/intelligent words any 18 year old could convey.

Since the no spoiler rule is pretty strict, we won’t be able to gush over everything Nate has done, and thus we’ll list the ways he’s one of the smartest in Death Note. (not in the, haha!)

First off, come on, he went to gifted kids orphanage Wammy’s House, and was L’s successor. You can’t say he’s a Misa here. Second off (?) he managed to do all the things he managed to do *hey, no spoilers* and third off, he’s an 18 year old that acts like a depressed 40 year old man.

4/5 – Watari (Quillsh Wammy)

Click here to know how Watari looks like.

My eyes get Watari when I think of all Watari has done for some of the protagonists *hahahahaha* Even if Watari is pretty underrated, it doesn’t stop you from seeing his intelligence.

Watari, a) was intelligent enough and future-oriented enough to focus on finding a successor for L, b) he was an inventor, he was a bit like Edison, in multiple ways, really, c) he founded an orphanage, smart, especially as it was a gifted one and thus he could teach gifted children, d) he can snipe, and uses that skill for good.

Overall, Watari’s smart, hence why he’s on the list of course.

5/5 – L Lawliet

YAY! WE found a copyright-free picture (:

That’s L in a sort of Funko Pop version. That little insomniac but in tiny *er*. L is the top 3 detectives in the world. Meaning, he has 3 aliases, one is L, the best one of the Top 3, the other is Eraldo Coil and the last one is Deneuve. He is extremely intelligent, and although some label him *eccentric* for his excessive candy consumption and way of sitting and thinking.

We can’t uncover too much, because we did promise no spoilers at the beginning of this article, and we’re here to deliver.

L has out of this world deduction and reasoning skills, yet Light, Kira, seems to be on the same level of intelligence. Way to prove age is just a number.

L is the smartest because his intuition was not wrong, and he knew who Kira was all along, and thus, a strong intuition is better than a finite amount of knowledge.

Do you agree with our list? If you don’t, everyone loves a debate in the comments!

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  1. i agree with all of that, and thank you for the no spoiler rule, as i will be reading the manga now because it seems really interesting! thanks for this article! 🙂

    1. Thanks!! Yeah, I had Assassination Classroom spoiled for me and it kinda changed the story lol. The manga is GREAT!! I have the whole collection that I got at Kinokuniya 🙂 Enjoy the manga!!

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