This week is anti-bullying week! *We hope you’re not getting bullied* And if you want to prevent yourself from being bullied, don’t make yourself a target, by standing up for yourself!

Bullies target people who can’t stand up for themselves, and it’s time to change that! Bullying is a problem all around the world, and people are so focused on global warming *it’s just as important, but I just felt like I needed to add that!* and other stuff, that they don’t take time to focus on bullying! There’s physical bullying (hitting, punching, kicking), social bullying (rumors, gossip), verbal bullying (teasing, calling names) and the one we’ll be focusing on: cyberbullying.

I am doing this because: This is a website, so you can even get cyberbullies here! *but we won’t allow that* Cyberbullying is a very common type of bullying that is as harmful as physical bullying. I have plenty of other reasons, but I won’t put them.

If you are being cyber-bullied on social media, follow these quick and easy steps (and any other media):

  1. Take a screenshot of the cyberbullying.
  2. (If you can) Block that certain person (or people).
  3. Show and tell (hehe, see what I did there?) a family member, or teacher.
  4. Life a peaceful and safe life! 😉

If you guys want an other article about a different type of bullying, please comment down below! I hope you enjoyed this article and stay tuned, Buzzers!


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