“Ugh, why would they do that?!” Fern groaned, rubbing his eyes full of dirt.

“Yeah, they’re so annoying!” I agreed. Robyn quietly brushed the leaves that went into her hair. “Whatever they did that for (she glared into space) we have to get out of here!” She got up. “Hey, Cookie, can you teleport us out of here?” Fern asked, getting up too.

“No, I need practice,” I sighed. Then looked at Fern’s desperate face.

“Flying won’t help either. You guys are WAY too heavy! I joke.

I dusted the dirt off my jeans.

Fern and I looked desperately at Robyn  – who has mind-reading powers, and super strength! – and she looked nervous. “They’re near…” she whispered. “And they can hear us.” She whispered again, but even quieter than before.

A branch crunched. Fern and I turned around fiercely. There was nothing. Fern and I let out HUGE sighs of relief.

Then, when we turned around…

“ROBYN?!?” Fern shouted.

“Shhhh!!!” I shushed. Even if I thought there was no one back there, it didn’t mean that it was true.

“Looking for someone?” A sinister voice echoed through the Gumdrop Forest. Fern and I stopped, dead cold.

“We can’t stay here!” Fern mumbled, clutching my sore shoulder from falling ‘from the sky’ into the maze-of-a-forest. 

“I know, but where else to?” I moaned. 

“What if we ran as fast as we could?” Fern suggested, completely ignoring what I just said. 

“Cookie?” Fern looked at me,“Where is Robyn?” 

I shrug. “I don’t know. But I’m sure…”

“Bryna and Karlos had something to do with it!” Fern interrupted. 

“Actually, I was going to say, I’m sure Robyn is safe, but you RUDELY interrupted me, so!”, but Fern was already running here and there. I facepalm. Knowing this is possibly the worst situation we’ll ever be in, I – with all of my poor, feeble strength (so basically “with all my brain”) I teleport us out of that good-looking (and good-smelling, if I do say so myself!) forest, and into our home’s backyard.

“BOO!!” Shouts another sinister voice from behind.

“Wha? How did you? Why—? How—?” I stuttered. There was Bryna and Karlos in the flesh!

“Miss me?” Bryna smirked, in her usual snobby way. She thinks she can just rule over everyone and make them obey her. But that’s just not how it works.

“NO WAY!” Fern yelled, which caused Bryna to frown fake-ly — fake-frowning, basically — and hid behind Karlos, thinking that we will APOLOGIZE. No way!

Fern suddenly, for a good reason 

— very good — pulled them up, with his telekinesis powers. “Hey! Let us go!” Karlos demanded, struggling to get out of this trap. Karlos isn’t half as snobby as Bryna, but still as annoying. He thinks he’s smarter than everyone else and can just ask for something and get it. But life’s not like that. 

He looked frustrated. Probs bobs because he knows he’s not “strong enough” to break out. Well joke’s on him!  

“Where’s Robyn?” I shouted. 

“We’re not telling you!” Bryna shouted back.

“Well, get ready to sleep while standing!” Fern smirked.

Bryna glared at us with her lavender eyes shining, like she’s got some tricks up her sleeve. She then looked at Karlos, who somehow has a mirror in his hand and was looking at his purple-pink hair. “What?” Fern asked, annoyed, seeing Bryna looking at him from his mirror.

“Well… you know…” she started whispering in his ear. I wished Robyn was here to read their minds to tell us what Bryna is—

Cookie, it’s me, Robyn. 


Bryna and Karlos have trapped me in their secret lair. What are you guys doing? Oh, and Bryna is telling Karlos:

‘I know how we can trick them. We’ll tell them we’re going to do anything if they let us go, but when they do, we’ll escape! Got it?’

I hope I helped. Let Fern keep them up there. And run to their lair. Since they’re trapped, they can’t use their powers so you’re safe. But be careful- it’s Fern we’re talking about. He’s easy to trick. Warn him.

Got it! 

“Psst! Fern!” I whispered.

“What?” Fern inquired.

“Robyn just used her psychic powers to talk to me. She’s trapped in their lair. Stay here and don’t let them escape while I go get Robyn. Then, they’re trapped. And we’ll just send them to a different dimension. Got it?” I said, quickly.

“Yep, yep and yep!” Fern does a thumbs-up sign, which is a good sign (not because it’s a thumbs-UP, not a thumbs-DOWN) because it means he understood everything. 

“Okay, let’s go!” I exclaimed.

Okay, turn left.

“Hey! Where are you going?” Bryna asked, twirling her green curls. “None of your business! And you’ll be out here for a while, so you can finally get a tan!” I grinned mischievously.

“Oh yeah!” Bryna said, looking down at her dark (well, TOFFEE) skin.

Karlos rolled his dark, turquoise eyes.

Okay, Robyn. What’s next?

Turn left, then straight until you see a yellow tower.

Okay! I turn left, through the bright, lime woods. 

Okay, I see one.

Great, now go right, then left, then straight.

Right, left, straight! Got it.

I turned, right, and passed some wolves. Then left, and there were huge, tall trees above me. Then, as I walked straight, panting from all that running, I found a blue lair.

“Why’s it blue? Aren’t lairs always black? Like, for evil?” I said out loud.

I felt Robyn shrugging.

Here’s the key.

I looked around. Ow! Something hit my head. I looked up. And saw Robyn looking down at me. I smiled to see my lost triplet.

“The. KEY!!!” Robyn whispered.

“Why are you whispering?” I whispered back. 

“Someone’s near,” Robyn whispered.

I swiftly grabbed the key. The cold, rusty, a teeny-tiny bit golden key. It’s shining a bit, but only a bit, since the trees are covering the bright sun.

I – as quietly as possible – open the black wooden door with the key.

I get in, looking around the dim rooms. Then I found the stairs.

I’m on the 3rd floor. But be careful. Like I said, someone’s near. Really near.

I nodded even though she can’t see me.

I ran up the creaky stairs, making sure not to step on a creaky step.

I was terrified, frantic, PETRIFIED. 

Especially when I heard the front door open…


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