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How has life been? Since, the Winter Holidays are looming by/already here, boredom has a high chance of creeping up on you and jump-scaring you, and to make sure that is near impossible, we have collected a collection of collections of things to do!

Christmas is near, and thus we are giving Christmas present ideas in an upcoming post!

1. Join a fandom

Be it Stars Wars or Harry Potter, fandoms are always great when you are constantly having phases (apparently, the Moon has plenty, haha! 😉 Fandom.com, has the best fandom templates and all, and you can even create your own! As long as it’s not already taken!

Fandom ideas:

Elder Scrolls

The Mandalorian

One Piece

2. Obsess over memes

This here is the famous, the mighty, ‘Stonks’ dude…good times.

Memes are great. They are funny and they provide a good time killer. Whether you use Memedroid or some website that posts memes, they are good wastes of time. Memes are also a great way to learn stuff (even if that ‘stuff’ is often that an owl can sit criss-cross apple sauce…)

Websites to browse memes through:




3. Find out stuff about brain chips

You have 86 billion neurons in your brain…

Neuralink is a neurotechnology company that is making brain chips, aiming to be able to cure depression and help people with paralysis. Also, if you check ‘National Geographic’ has an issue on the brain. As cool and futuristic as brain chips that can stream music directly to your head sound, there are, of course, down sides to it. Your brain could potentially be hacked, everything inside leaked to the public. Of course, conspiracy theorists and skeptics will be quick to jump to conclusions that brain chips are bad news, a new revolution and nothing more. But, as briefly aforementioned, there are good sides to it too. They could, potentially, cure diseases, mental and physical which would move the world into a way it never has.

With everything, there are downsides and upsides, and even though we might inhabit Mars or discover a planet like Earth, there’ll always be something we respond to with reluctance, maybe you don’t want to move to Mars now, but you might in a few years, because the Earth has been threatened.
Wanna know more? Cool beans, we’ve found this great Forbes article 🙂

4. Watch anime

Anime is nice, the drawings, the plots, the people. It’s a good genre. Lucky for you, we’ve got a pretty good amount of anime articles here on Izzy’s Buzz, including our new ‘Top 11 Best Anime Characters Ever.’ And our Death Note article, along with our playlist of good anime songs. Anime helps make time pass by. We recommend a good, sci-fi one called ‘Charlotte’, you can find it on Netflix.

5. Look out for Curiosity Rover updates

The picture was not taken on Mars, but you get the intent 🙂 NASA currently has a rover, called the ‘Curiosity Rover’ roving around Mars, collecting samples and taking pictures that seem a lot like those selfies humans take on Earth! Also, you can check out NASA Podcasts, and our small satire piece on how to recognize a Martian! For information on the Curiosity Rover mission, press here.

6. Write a book review

Books are great, and to review them will make sure you really understood the book 🙂 You can check out this list of recommended books, to then review them (or just read and enjoy 🙂 You can also join our book club and see what books we recommend as inspiration! Moni G also releases weekly/bi-monthly stories 🙂 You can read them all here! We will have book reviews and maybe you could use one of them as an idea! Also, feel free to submit your book reviews in the comments! Or go to ‘contact us’ and we could add it into an article (with your consent of course, we will credit, too!) Best of luck for your book reviews 😉

7. Make Christmas crafts

Crafting is fun, and beneficial for the brain. For us, who blatantly lack productivity, crafting helps us feel like we haven’t wasted our day! Plus, it’s Christmas, so gather all your time, and pour your soul into doing stuff you like! Here is a list of some Christmas crafts you should do! External links***

8. Write poetry

Writing poetry is fun. It’ll probably seem hard at first, maybe even boring, but it’s a pleasant ride. You can check out our first published poem , and our poem on telescopes, and Mars, as inspiration or just to read poetry. We aren’t professionals and really just clueless novices, but the link could give you an idea or two!

Here is a guide on how to write poetry!

Press here for good guide.

9. Listen to playlists

Whether you use Spotify, Deezer or your own alternatives, listening to music almost always kills time, it opens you up to a new genre, or a new hobby or a new obsession. In whichever way music helps you, it helps use time wisely so you don’t feel as though you have wasted time. If you go to the Search area in Spotify/Deezer/Music Streaming App and you search up, let’s say, ‘hermione granger’ then proceed to scroll down to the playlists section that have ‘hermione granger’ in them, you’ll find a bunch of playlists that pertain to the thing you searched, it can open you up to new genres whilst remaining with your desired search!

Recommended playlists:

10. Binge-Read

Grab a series of books (recommended: Death Note, Harry Potter, Assassination Classroom, My Hero Academia, Spiderman (original versions!), Dune, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and plop them down next to a comfy chair/pouf/couch/bed/comfyseatingarea, grab volume 1 and start bingeing, if you want to know how much you’ve read then we recommend you use a stopwatch. If you’d prefer to read one long book rather than a series that works too! Or if you want to read random books, not series, then that works too! It works if you’re reading for a substantial amount of time basically. Also, if you need more recommendations, we recommend this and this!

Buzzers, we hope you can keep busy during the holidays with our list 🙂
If it doesn’t work you can always just look at memes *shrug*


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