I couldn’t believe it. Wasn’t she in London? But anyways, as I almost skipped to my seat – which was in the back, near Charlotte – I didn’t even see where I was going. And bumped into someone.

I look up. CHARLOTTE!!!! “Hey,” she says, helping me up. I take advantage of the situation. “You’re Charlotte, right?” I ask. “Um, yeah,” She smiles, brushing her golden locks out of her face. Doesn’t seem like she knows me. “Um, I’m Kennedy.” I hold out my hand. “Kennedy Vegas.” She shakes it. Her hand is unusually warm. “Kennedy.” She repeats. “I’m Charlotte Mauris.” Mauris. Mauris. Hmm. “Kids, kids, please settle down!” Mrs. Nellerson says. Charlotte switches her seat to sit next to me. “OK, as you know, we have a new student,” I pray that it’s not me. No, it’s not. I’ve been going to this school for long enough to know it’s not me. “Hope!” A quite short girl, with beautiful, glossy red hair, going down to her lower part of the back. She has big turquoise eyes, and is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Even though I’m a pretty extroverted person, I didn’t feel like taking to anyone. Not even Charlotte, who was so sweet. She thought I was shy. I was like, ‘oh well. at least she doesn’t think i’m weak or anything.’ I felt sick and tired. I wanted to vomit and sleep at the same time. I couldn’t even eat my lunch or focus in class. Everyone thought I had first-day jitters. I sigh. I was bored for the rest of the day. I felt like the whole universe was against me.

The best part of my day was when I got home. I ran to my room, only saying a quick ‘hey guys! today was a great day!’ to Mom and Dad, and jumped onto my bed, hugging my pillow, smiling.

“What’s going on?” Huh? Oh. “Oh, um, nothing!” “Then why are you doing that ugly face? Oh, my bad! That’s your normal face! Hah!” Why are they laughing? Who are they? Suddenly, I was in a spot I wasn’t comfortable with. But I don’t think anyone would be comfortable in it. I was in… the BULLYING spot.

Gasp! I wake up, in my dark yet colorful room. I look around, looking for the bullies. But I just find Abby sleeping peacefully. I felt so alone, and scared, even with her there. I breathe deeply, in and out. I check my watch. 5.01am. Mhm. I get out of bed, and change into my clothes: a blue skirt, dark blue, denim, and a white shirt, with a cute red sweater! I go to the kitchen, to get a cinnamon bun. I make myself some hot chocolate, and sip it, while eating my bun. Then, I brush my teeth, and then I brush my hair, leaving it untied. I check my watch again. 5.23am. Mm. I prepare my bag, then watch some TV. Though there’s nothing good. I sigh, then grab another cinnamon bun, and check my watch. 5.47am. It’s getting brighter outside, which means it’s almost time! I just go to my bedroom – well, Abby’s room too, but you get what I mean – and read Homeroom Diaries.

I check my watch again. 6.12! Abby’s already changing, so I rush downstairs, to put my shoes on. I’m ready for a new day!


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