Hello Buzzers! Since Izzy’s Buzz is more of a ‘blog’ than anything else, you are *obviously* going to need some book reviews! Which is exactly why we are reviewing a book we have read, called ‘Conspiracy’ by someone named ‘Charlotte Greig.’

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‘Conspiracy’ is a book that beautifully elucidates and outlines the most prominent conspiracy theories. Whilst often half-debunking them with proof and wit, ‘Conspiracy’ is detailed whilst also remaining organized and somewhat concise. You can finish it in a day but also enjoy it to the maximum while doing so. Conspiracy delved into conspiracies with minimum bias, although a hint of it there and there could be detected, it allows you to form your own opinions and beliefs based on what you’ve read. I recommend it for those who like aliens, those who life UFOs, those who like conspiracies in general and the thrill of the unknown and those who are just curious. I especially recommend it for those who make conspiracy theories of their own…!

It highlights political scandals especially well, and hush-hush topics are treated like a simple thing, which makes do for those who despise all things that are blatantly taboo-ed. While it lets the reader find out if it’s true or not based on what they have read, it also does not give a direct answer, which is perfect for working on ‘reading between the lines.’ There are original images which just add to its credibility.

It tells of prominent conspiracies and hushed conspiracies, and there’s a high chance, if you are not a conspiracy virtuoso, that there’ll be at least 1 that you don’t know 🙂

The images are not in colour, but that won’t be your priority when it’s 2 in the morning and you’ve almost finished it 😉 It presents 40 conspiracies but I would recommend it for someone with a small interest in conspiracies, rather than a full-blown aficionado because the bibliography doesn’t give too much insight to research more about it, but just type in the name of the conspiracy onto your search engine and I’ll reckon you’ll be just fine! The detail is great, sometimes there is a bit left out, but overall it is elucidative but also concise. It is a pretty short book, and easy to re-read, you should skip ahead to the parts you don’t really remember, though, because rereading the parts you understood won’t entertain you as much. The suspense might not be there anymore (might.)

Other than that, it’s great for storytelling, if you want to tell people you know about it, then it’s really easy to sum up quickly and well so that your listeners understand. One of its best points is that it doesn’t go too deep, which is better or else you’re prone to forgetting some parts.

One of the best things about it is the fact that the author is neutral, there isn’t too much visible bias, and thus it isn’t a persuasive text or a text intended to ‘debunk’ things, although it half-does-so, if you read between the lines, that is…!



We recommend 🙂


TheBuzz Team


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