Of course, we all know Hermione as the brain of the golden trio, always providing Harry and Ron with facts that could help them (and that almost always does!) but Potterheads (fans of Harry Potter) couldn’t help but wonder why that intelligent bookworm wasn’t sorted into Ravenclaw. Luckily, insightful Potterheads have gathered ‘intel’ (I am aware that this isn’t a MI6 mission, but it sounds cool so we’ll leave it at that) that can help you, very probably a Potterhead, understand why Granger wasn’t sorted into Ravenclaw.


1. Her courage surpasses her intelligence

One of the main reasons why she wasn’t sorted into Ravenclaw is because she is more courageous than she is intelligent. She once said that ‘friendship and courage’ are more important than ‘books and cleverness.’ And the Sorting Hat knows what you value, and since she valued that, Gryffindor it was.


2. She isn’t as creative and intuitive as Ravenclaws are

Ravenclaws are usually pictured as pretentious bookworms, but take a look at Ollivander, Luna Lovegood, Flitwick and refresh! Ravenclaws are intuitive and very creative as much as they are intelligent (woahhh, art geniuses here!) Hermione is smart and knows how to handful stressful situations (…) and manages not to worry, but (apologies Hermione fans) she isn’t too creative, and she highly values courage over books, so there you have it, a brave and honest Gryffindor, destined for greatness!

3. Ravenclaw stereotypes kinda prevented her from it

Ravenclaws are usually distant intellectuals, cold and unruffled, or passionate nerds or eccentric creative people. As ‘stereotypical’ (Hogwarts-wise) as this might be, Hermione isn’t any of them. She isn’t (that) distant and is not very nerdy, she isn’t eccentric either, she is courageous and puts friendship before most things, thus ‘GRYFFINDOR!’


4. Earlier in the books/movies, she was just book-smart

Being a Ravenclaw isn’t about being booksmart (sometimes…) it’s more about wit. In the beginning she was mainly booksmart, but as she grew she became wittier and ‘street-smart’ if that makes sense. She was smart in the sense that she could see through things and people and understand things with wisdom, not knowledge.



There was a riddle, ‘What comes first the chicken or the egg?’ to enter the Ravenclaw common room, of course, it would only open to a witty answer, very likely indicating a Ravenclaw, famous for their wit, Luna prominently answered that ‘a circle has no beginning’ which is, in a sense, pretty witty 🙂 Harry would have tried multiple times and Ron would have been dumbfounded, Draco would have screamed with a ‘my father will hear about this!’ and Neville would have asked someone. But, Hermione would have thought long and hard to find logic and sense behind the riddle, and would have put logic first and foremost, beyond wit. And hence, Hermione was rightfully put into the house of the brave!

If you were the Sorting Hat, which house would you have put her in? And why? Would it be Hufflepuff? Or perhaps Slytherin? The comments are huffling and puffling your way 😉 or, the comments are slytherin your way. Or they are raven-clawing their way back? We couldn’t find any for Gryffindor 🙁


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