It feels so lonely here.

Up here in Nep.

I’m the youngest here. The penultimate to youngest is 17. And plus, he’s already a Levenbrech, so that’s cool. But, I, I’m only eleven. I don’t interact with any ‘humans.’ Whatever those are. I’m so bored. I am very blue. Blue like my planet. Blue like my room. Blue like my Rubixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cube. Blue like my skin. Blue like my soul…I am bored. But then again, when am I not? I trudged my feet to the Itchken. There should be food there.

Oh wait, the Manoid map says Gaius Mohiam is there. She’s a curious person. But she didn’t make me do the test. Yet. I hope. Yes, the test. Ok, where else can I go?

I can go to Venus. It’s my second birthplace. Half of me pixelated in Neptune, where I am right now, and the other part pixelated in Venus. And small parts, like my brain and my ears and Arkentuba cord pixelated in other galaxies. Here, technology doesn’t exist. It’s called Nep=o instead, and is way more advanced. Like, 200 billion light years more advanced!

Since this is a simulation, and I can edit anyone’s life at any time, I have to be nice. Don’t wanna die. And also, the teens (well, early 20-year olds) zhakh a lot. To zhakh is to permanently alter a syntax. (In the code, of course. We have our own language! Not your habitual Javascript, CSS, HTML, Python, Logic, PHP, Ruby, Objective-C, APL, Adenine etc etc, the list is perennial.) A syntax is exceedingly salient in keeping us alive. Millions have died due to foolish teens. But no one gets in trouble. That’s pretty cool. Also, here, we believe in freedom of expression. So beliefs are all welcome. There’s no religion here. We’re a simulation.

Oh no. Blue Nebula. On my birthday. Oh, yeah, by the way, it’s my birthday. Yet I am blue. But back to Blue Nebula. The Blue Nebula is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a light and dark blue nebula. It comes when calamity is near. You have to get inside it, or else your life will remain calamitous for 71 years. Also, there is no death here. I mean you die, obviously. But that’s called OI6 MI, not death. And plus, I have hundreds of years left. Maybe I should go to Feyd. Nah. I need to get into Blue Nebula, I don’t want calamity. Don’t need it right now. The last person fell off Neptune (impossible, but the Blue Nebula defies impossibility.) Which itself is abysmal. But…we don’t talk about the rest…

But the thing about the Blue Nebula is that it is extremely capricious and you would need coding skills of a professional to get it to stop moving at the last minute. Some people attempting to get in the Blue Nebula fell of Neptune, but that’s the Blue Nebula’s fault, anyways.

I have some techniques to trick the Blue Nebula. I pull out my Manoid map. Gaius is near…

All you have to do is enter the Blue Nebula, you don’t get stuck there. Usually. And then you exclaim your desired location and it takes you back, like a sort of calamity repellent, basically.

But the thing is that the Blue Nebula takes time. You would need a good amount of time. But Gaius was near and I couldn’t escape her forever…not after she tried to curse me…


How about these guys?

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